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  1. Yep got a few questions for the blades from a pretty noobish concentrate smoker. After years of blazing flowers I was introduced to the wonder of oil at the end of last spring and I dabbed a bunch over the summer. However, it was always my friend's rig and oil (sometimes on my tube) so I am unfamiliar with some of the logistics of the process. I got a g of some nice oil from a dispensary and I have a dome and two glass nails that will be in my possession sometime soon so I need to clarify a few things. Just need to get a torch this week.

    I have only dabbed with ti nails before so how long should it take for a glass one to heat up and how can you tell when it is the right temperature?

    Also, I only have a scale that goes to .1 of a gram which I understood to be a pretty decent size dab (depending on the smoker I guess). So how big is a good size dab when it comes to just eyeballing it?
  2. Ok well as far as glass nails go.....it depends on the type of glass. If it's a borosilicate glass and you're using a propane torch, it will take around 25 seconds of consistent flame. If you're using a butane torch it will be about 15 seconds. If you have a Quartz nail, it will take slightly longer.

    As far as eyeballing a dab, a pindrop should be plenty [as long as it's high quality oil]

    A very very small amount is all that's necessary and you want to make sure you inhale every last bit of smoke. So start out small, and if you're not satisfied just do another dab.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XRhYxMb_H4]Hash Oil Dabs - YouTube[/ame]
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  3. It will be a butane torch. Aight, I just remember with the ti nail I feel like it didn't take much more than 10 seconds and I think that once it was glowing red we went but I just wasn't paying that much attention. Thanks!

    How many dabs do you usually get out of a g?

  4. Butane torches are the best imo.

    Yeah the ti nail heats up much faster than a glass nail, but it releases chemicals when the oil burns off. Not enough chemicals to taste or anything.....I just prefer my health-safe glass. And yeah that "glow" is what you want with the glass nail as well.

    A gram of high quality oil can give me around 25 nice dabs. And I usually do 2-3 dabs in a sitting. But the key with oil is to limit yourself. Frequently smoking it will render bud useless. Tolerance is affected in the most negative of ways. I dab about once a week.
  5. Yea that makes sense, regarding the tolerance part. Its something I plan on doing every now and then. Thanks for the advice!
  6. those glass nails will heat crack eventually. I recommend upgrading to quartz or titanium.
  7. I have heard that. Seems like quarts nails are about $10-15 more a piece. How long or how many dabs will a glass one usually last?

  8. Ehhhhh, somewhat.

    I have both. The Quartz nails were designed so that a propane torch could be used to heat the nail. A borosilicate nail *might* eventually crack IF you're using a propane torch on it. It's never happened to me.

    Fuck ti.
  9. You've never broken a glass nail?^
  10. Broken alot of glass nail. Using a ceramic electric iron. Much easier, imo.

  11. Not once my friend. And I've used that boro nail for ~50 dabs. Maybe I'm just lucky. But it has not cracked. I also have a Quartz but I've been mainly using my boro and it's still all good :smoke:
  12. That's good to hear. I've never extensively used a glass nail because I always hear how quick they break.

    But I just bought an oiler and the joint is only 14mm. No way my v2 will fit in there. So I'm contemplating stocking up on glass nails or getting an 18/14 adapter with the v3 so I can remove the counterweight. Second options going to cost like a hundred bucks so I'll probably wait a while for that. Hopefully I'm content with the heating and head size of a 14mm nail..
  13. Skillets ftw
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    I prefer dome actually.

    I started with a skillet and loved it but had a few burn incidents and a lot of spills and wasted Dabs.

    With the vapor dome it's easier to see where you are dabbing from and where to place it. Even if it does miss it won't spill on you or a cars interior haha. Tbh most of my pants have one or two spots where a dab fell on them.

    Also, domes have a small area that will collect the smoke as well as blocking wind. Ive had so many dabs with a skillet lost because a wind suddenly picks up during a hit. With a dome I can get a hit no matter how windy it is=-)

  15. I am glad you posted this...i have been thinking about getting a hmk curve ti pad but already have a dome and like the dome so now i see no reason in spending $70-$90 on a skillet if im not sure ill like it more than the domes

    and to the op i never weight my dabs out...just put a little on your dabber and go to town


  16. What kind of rig would you use when using something like the Herb Iron?
    EDIT: As in skillet, dome, etc...
  17. the fluffy part of a q-tip is the perfect size dab for me. It's about a .2-.4 hit. I don't suggest weighing out concentrates because the more it gets touched, the less potency.

  18. That's huge and not a good recommendation for somebody getting into oil. That would be a waste for the majority of smokers. Good luck clearing a .4 dab lol :rolleyes:
  19. had a question..: which domes are better? the ones open on the top or the ones that have a hole on the side.
  20. [quote name='"SmokeyDaBear420"']

    That's huge and not a good recommendation for somebody getting into oil. That would be a waste for the majority of smokers. Good luck clearing a .4 dab lol :rolleyes:[/quote]

    Lol so true

    That can be five dabs for someone new to the oil game.

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