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Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by lukethanuke, Nov 1, 2014.

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    So after recently purchasing my newest oil rig from Pipesdaddy.com I quickly ordered a domeless titanium nail that said it would fit any 14mm or 19mm glass on glass without a need for an adapter.  I realized pretty quickly when I got it in the mail today that it didn't fit.  I understand joints/sizes to an extent.  After a while of looking at them I get pretty damn confused though.  I think I've finally found a couple pieces that would work.  I'll link a picture to my nail and my rig below so maybe you guys can help me find an adapter that would make my setup work.  Thanks in advance guys.  I've been a fan of grasscity forums for a while but this is my first actual post :D.
    My piece
    My nail
    The adapters I'm looking at that I THINK will work with my piece..



    Additionally, I found some really cheap $2 pieces as shown here and here, however my local headshop warned my against purchasing cheapos..
  2. You have a male joint on your rig and bought a male nail...you need a female nail.
  3. So you're saying, fuck my current nail there's no way to make it work I can only buy a new nail. I don't believe it.  Thanks anyway though.
  4. Nah man, you can get an adapter. Just need a Female to Female that'll fit your rig. Usually run around 20$ online from what I've seen, I can't imagine they'd be too much more at a head shop
  5. ^ That's not what I was saying, you can buy a female to female adaptor to make it work.  Just saying you bought the wrong nail.  Try taking it back and exchanging it, assuming it is still clean.
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    I've used this vendor before, and they're super legit! Just because it's priced low, doesn't mean it's not a legitimate piece.  Why would you spend $20 for an adapter that converts your joint to 18mm when the nail you need is 19mm or 14mm? All of those adapters from Aqua Lab are 18mm....

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