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Dabbing and tolerance

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BlueDream4Ever, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. If you dab a lot, will it build up your tolerance for flowers?
  2. If you dab every now and then it's not gonna do much to your tolerance, although you'll be higher than a kite.

    But if you completely stop smoking flowers and just replace it all with dab sessions for a month or so (maybe less) then of course.

    Just don't make dabbing your only form of smoke.
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    Your tolerance is going to be directed affected by how much THC (and to a lesser extent, CBD and CBN) you take in.

    So, say you smoked two bowls a day (assuming an average bowl is ~.25g with a THC content of ~12% and ~40.4% of the THC actually reaches the user (Perez-Reyes)) you'd ingest about 24.24mg of THC. (.5g * .12 * .404)

    If you were to take two dabs a day (assuming a dab size of ~.05g with a potency of ~70% THC and ~40.4% of the THC actually reaches the user (Perez-Reyes)) you'd ingest about 28.28mg of THC. (.1g * .70 * .404)

    So the two are fairly comparable. A fairly small dab of some quality BHO will be about equivalent (a little more potent) than your average bowl. Everyone is different with their portions, so keep in mind you may want to adjust this figures to your own consumption. In the end, your tolerance is going to be affected mainly by the quantity of consumption, however if you were to begin substituting a dab for a bowl in your everyday medicating you'd likely perceive a slight increase in your tolerance.

    Here is the link to the study referenced for the efficiency of the bong. The averages used were obtained from public sources on the internet, Grasscity among them.
  4. I just took a double-dab of some cookies, and then a dab of some OG KUSH wax, I'm lit; tolerance, is okay.
  5. I switched over to dabbing only about a year ago, and my tolerance got to be almost too high. To the point I needed two or three good sized globs to get where I wanted. The last few weeks I've been on a t break and yesterday I smoked a bowl of flower, and it still barely scratched my tolerance. So be careful how much bho you smoke it'll totally mess your tolerance after a while. Haha
  6. Yep, tolerance will just even out to whatever you're using.

    Just think of it like you get used to it - dabbing is a much stronger dose so to speak, so when you smoke flowers it will be much less than you're used to, and whatever you're used to you're going to need more than that if you're chasing a high.
  7. yes. smoking thc builds a tolerance to thc. even if they are two different highs
  8. If you start dabbing on the daily your tolerance for flowers will go down. I still enjoy vaping flowers though, cant beat the taste!

  9. I'm sorry but that is not true at all.

    Dabbing daily sends your tolerance through the roof.
  10. I've been dabin a month straight and have had a 8th of green the whole time it doesn't get me high
    And it tastes like ash so I would agree it raises tolerance one way or another

    So I made fire crackers with it and have too many now lol
  11. My boy gabe (ya gabe if you're reading this what's up) anyways he smokes only oil all day long I mean the wax he smokes only wax and here in southern Oregon they make some of the best this shit is stronger than shit but I can't even put a number on how many dabs he takes a day it's unreal and he handles it like its nothing it blows me away, myself well I take two and I'm done for like 5 hours talk about lightweight live!

  12. yes it will. i underestimated dabbing. i went crazy one day, the next day, weed didn't really effect me lol. dabbings fun, you get super stoned, but i think its good to do it only once a week so it doesn't screw up your tolerance :smoking:

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