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  1. Loom, ive talked shit bout dabbin. I know this.. I take it all back tho cause I had the best experience ever yesterday.

    My friend just bought a new oil rig cause he wantes to get into hash. When he got that he got a gram of oil for 55 which I guess is pretty common price in charlotte nc.

    Let me tell u. When I took that first hit, I felt like a little kid again smokin his first time. It was insane anf it really only took 1 hit to get me right. That was off a .2 dab. I tried .1 but it looked like it was to small of a dab.

    I stood up off the couch and felt like I was gonna fall over. I had stood up too quick or somethin cause I got a funny headrush. I was high that whole night. Drivin home was a bitch tho cause I really had to force myself to concentrate.

    Overall it was a good experience. It gets you higher than you can imagine, but for those of you who just like to smoke, you could easily waste a gram in a day if your not careful. Im not used to takin 1 dab and that be it for my smokin experience lol. I usually spend 10- 15 mins on a blunt.
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    This is the rig I smoked out of. It was 50 dollars
  3. Right on man

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  4. Enjoy it while it lasts down here in charleston I haven't been able to find good oil or wax for a few months here's what my most recent stuff looked like it's still real good hash but not really dab ready

    50 a g
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  5. Im in Fayetteville nc and cannot find wax or oil ANYWHERE. I need to go to Charlotte
  6. Ya charlotte got it. I have several connects here who have it
  7. Yabba DABba doooo!

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