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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasperTheTokerGhost, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. So ya'll already know about our tolerances being skyrocketed. Well im tryna keep it down and rn just picking up only a g at a time. With tolerance being high too whats better when running low (1) taking small dabs at a time and spacing it out throughout the day
    or (2) take a decent sized or big dab at once like at night and just be high at that time.

    Its like high all day or stoned the last hour-two before sleep. Lol sounds so ridiculous when typing this out.
  2. If you have something to occupy your time during the day a nice fresh toke at night feels great compared to the slow toke all day
  3. I'd rather space them out through the day but I'm not just looking to get as high as possible I use it for other reasons.
  4. Neither one is going to promote a decrease in tolerance. Dab less often, go back to buds, or take a tbreak. Or make potent edibles out of that gram.
  5. I will say it was hard switching back to flower after using bho for +1 year, took about a month for tolerance to drop down to flower levels
  6. Fuck tolerance, flowers just taste gross after smoking dabs. I can still get high off a few snaps, but I'd rather do a dab.
  7. A dab will do you. I personally think dabs get you high too quickly. I like to revel in it. There's nothing like smoking a joint or a blunt. Putting them both together is cool too. I just like the process to last longer than a couple minutes. I mostly dab though, so Idk where this is all coming from. I miss rolling lots of weed :(

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