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Dabbed the FUCK out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by spuh m8, Oct 18, 2014.

  1. Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to take 5 dabs...and I know 3 of those dabs where fat and were the following strains...Three Kings, Sour Diesel, and OG kush. I was just pounding these dabs down. After the Three Kings dab, I knew I probably greened out. Keep in mind I have been smokin for like 4 years so I know what to expect and what not ofc. Anyways I was throwin up 15 minutes after i dabbed.
    Has anyone else had an experience somewhat close to this? 

  2. I took 5 dabs before breakfast... Maybe there was some butane left in that oil.
  3. I don't think I've ever thrown up from a dab, just get the dab sweats

    Maybe they were just too fat.
  4. When I take super fat dabs to where I cant even breathe for a few minutes then sometimes I feel a little sick. When I started smoking again after not smoking for a year I took a huge dab and felt like shit and was throwing up just cause of how big it was. Thats one of the only times I didnt like being high lol
    Anyways, its probably just the amount you're dabbing, could be butane but if it burns clean then I doubt it
  5. The first time i ever dabbed was at a 420 event. They had a shatter tent. I took 4 bong rips then I greened the F out for the next hour. People were laughing at me and taking pics and shit. I was embarrassed.
  6. I never feel like getting that high, 1 maybe 2 dabs and I'm straight
  7. I was high before I even dabbed so I felt as if it were a good idea to go crazy
  8. All part of being a seasoned toker, knowing your limits. :smoking:
  9. Hasn't happened to me I normally get the sweats like someone mentioned and then stop. I've seen it before though one time when I was at a dispensary it was some girls first time ever having a dab and the bud tender gave here a fat dab, after which she say in the corner on the floor and preceded to cough for the next 5-10 mins.

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  10. hahaha I get those same urges but mainly when it comes to rolling. I'll have like a gram ground up and ready for a blunt but halfway through I'm like fuck it and throw another gram in for a fatty.
    I try not to go crazy when it comes to dabs because I try to conserve and I already know how much it takes me to get where I wanna be.
  11. yeah dude thats whats up. your profile picture is makin me tweak
  12. ahaha it's an album cover from my favorite band, Ty Segall
  13. The other day I woke up and took a fat dab right out of bed. Like my 10th breath of being awake was a dab and I proceeded to puke like an animal. I think that was because I was coughing alot without haven eaten breakfast.
  14. Most likely, but thats so crazy! 
  15. Can we be best friends? I too love Ty Segall, Fuzz, Thee Oh Sees, Fidlar.
  16. I've puked from coughing too much and even that was mainly because I was drunk and about to puke anyways.
  17. duuuuuuude
  18. I can chill with anyone who digs Ty Segall. He is the fucking man. I love slaughterhouse.
  19. If I've got oil. A dab every two hours. Never 5 at once
  20. Dude the 2nd time I ever did dabs I greened the fuck out.
    My buddy had some and i took a couple big rips. Dabs and shots of patron put me on my ass puking haha

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