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  1. So I've been looking for a more discreet way to smoke since I live in an apartment and my friend isn't selling herb anymore. I've looked at vapes and a lot of people think they're a waste. The Mighty vape looks pretty good but it's $350 which is a lot for a vape. Do I need to buy a quality dab pen to get high? Or can I just get one for $40-$60 and have the same effects? Also I've never bought wax before and this guy I met online has a friend who lives 2 hours away who sells it. Do you think it's safe to go through a connection of someone I don't really know? I'm a 19 year old girl so I'm just a little worried but it will probably be fine right? I mean we're just getting wax. What do you guys think?
  2. Pretty easy solution. I would just bring someone along (perhaps a guy). Everything should be fine tho. I've come to realize potheads tend to be very Friendly.

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  3. Just buy yourself a smok vape mod, buy the dry herb helmet and you're good to go. You can smoke dabs oil and cannabis in it

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  4. There are no dispenseries where you live. They will sell to anyone here in Toronto.

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  5. I wouldn't want to meet a friend of some one who is friends with someone I met online. And I'm a male. Seems sketchy. Do you live in a legal state? They sell wax at dispensaries.

    But if you do decide to meet them bring someone like the poster mentioned above.
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  6. Most definitely bring someone with you, not being sexiest here but that's sketchy for a19 year old girl. I would find it sketchy for myself too and I'm 35 lol.

    Look around your city first , get to know the stones in your area. I'm sure someone can hook you up that's closer to you.

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  7. No I live in Buffalo, NY. I looked it up and in Toronto they only sell to you if you have a medical marijuana card?
  8. Also fuck dab pens, they are terrible. Just get a dab rig, cheap ones are easy to come by and wont cause issues with your room mate as the smell is not the same as bud
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  9. Yeah, the government says you need a card. Trust me the dispensary doesn't care if yo have a card or not. They've gone in the new here. Citytv and cp24 saying they will sell to anyone lol. Anyways. I know people in Rochester who sell it. That's what not even a hour away.

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  10. Dab pens are ok, but they all have issues. Every 510 thread pen I have bought has broken. Even with excessive cleaning and care they always seem to fail. The longest lasting one that I have seen has been a kandy (sp?) pen if you have to go that route.
    If you don't need it to be portable I would get an enail rig. They are a little more than pens, but they should last much longer. My mini nail has performed flawlessly. Also, be cautious buying from amazon or ebay as a lot of counterfeit crap is sold there. If you see a product you want, verify with the manufacturer that the seller is an authorized vendor. The vape critic on youtube has some descent reviews too.
    I wouldn't trust a random myself, especially if the connection originated with some guy you met online.
    Be safe and good luck.
  11. The Magic flight box is good for discrete dry herb usage. I believe they have a rig for wax and concentrates, but I have never used it. you can find it for less than 90 bucks it's pretty tiny to where I can hide it in my hand too.
  12. What are the names of the places in Toronto that sell to anyone? Idk man, seems a little sketchy to drive all that way hoping they don't ask for my card lol
  13. Not just that but getting it across the boarder after is a big no no. Cannabis culture is one of them that seems to anyone, my son guess they're all the time and he didn't have a card.

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