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    I have a bong that I smoke weed out of but I want to start dabbing. Do I just have to buy a nail and a dome? Is yes can you tell me which nail to buy? Because I know there are different ones, like titanium and Quartz I think.
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    Most people I believe are going dome less + carb cap now. I've only used Ceramic so can't really give you any advice on titanium or Quartz other then what I have read. Quartz/Ceramic for flavor Titanium for durability. If you go Titanium make sure its a good quality piece and not some shitty one or you can end up inhaling nasty shit from the nail itself.
    Depending on your bong you should be able to just buy the nail without a need for an adapter.
  3. So I think that I'll get a ceramic or Quartz nail. But also what's the difference between a carb cap and a dome?
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    I'd also rec going Ebay over a lot of these sites that sell ceramics and carb caps you can get  a way better deal on ebay for what is often the same exact nail.
  5. You would most likely want to buy a nail to dab as it is somewhat inefficient to dab over straight weed. Yes you should just buy a titanium nail that fits the size of your bong

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  6. Having separate pieces for concentrates and flower is a smart idea. The taste you get when you put your dab adapter onto a bong is less than desirable due to the resin in the downstem and the flower resin in the water. You could get a nice minitube for the wax. Good size and are amazing work horses. Like its said above, if you want a domeless or dome its up to you. Im interested in getting a quartz banger, but currently use a titanium domeless. Carb caps are awesome also. Helps savor the flavor on those low temp dabs. With a dome set up, its harder to dab (in my opinion) and you have to fumble with a glass dome.
  7. I agree with GentlemanJosh that oil and flower pieces should be kept separate for optimal enjoyment, I don't like smoking out of my rigs because I feel like combustion leaves this "funk" in a piece that makes the dabs taste not as good. Not that you can't dab out of your normal bong but there are lots of factors that go into an optimal rig.
    The first being small volume, which keeps the vapor from being able to expand, which means you're able to take large dabs without feeling winded, and flavor stays dense and concentrated; this is why you see so many small oil rigs (personally the biggest oil rig I use regularly is ~6-7" tall), and see them using joints >=14mm.
    Another important detail to think about is diffusion, and there are two camps here and I'll reveal by bias first off: I prefer low diffusion on oil rigs because I feel like it helps keep all of the flavor intact, the oil I buy tastes great and I don't want to miss any terpenes, I like low temp dabs so they vape very slow and hit me pretty hard anyways; the other side being people who like large diffusion because it helps them take really large dabs by cooling and diffusing the vapor.

    As far as what material to dab off of, you could make arguements about that until the cows come home; for glass, titanium, quartz, and ceramic, they all have their pros and cons.  I've spend a decent amount of time with each and I feel like once you get over the learning curve they're all pretty similar: Titanium and Quartz seem to be the perennial favorites, but ceramic is a newcomer that lots of people seem to really dig on. Whatever you do try I'd go for something you can carb cap, since it lets you take nice low temp dabs which help you dab very efficiency.

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