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    so this all happened about a year and a half ago or so. i have to tell the whole story for it to make sense so sorry if it is long but i just want to know other peoples opinions on it. so me and my friend would hang out with random guys to smoke. this incident happened the second time we hung out with this one guy, and we did dabs with him the week before. i only took one the previous time and i was pretty stoned but manageable. this second time, i was sober the first half of the night until we got to his friends house with like 3 other girls and 3 other guys (including a guy who was trying to get with me). so i decide to take a dab after everyone else has already done one or more. well i do the dab and what not and i immediately feel it. the problem was about 30 seconds after i passed out. i wasnt aware of anything until i was sober, but i did see myself as a purple blob. i couldnt figure out who i was or what the blob was or what anything was i just remember seeing it. then next thing i remember is jumping up and standing in the middle of the room saying "this is what people talk about when they are dying" and seeing myself in the hospital even though i wasnt in the hospital. everything was in slow motion and time would go back and forward a lot, so i do not know the sequence exactly. my friend later told me that i passed out and she kept trying to talk to me but then i tried to run out of the house to get help so they had to get me to sit down. and i even kept pulling on her hair. i wasnt aware of any of this though. there was a guy sitting next to me who kept talking about how he wants to go out with me and then if he said a word i previously heard, i would go back to the last time i heard it. and then the whole room was cartoon and it sorta reminded me of blues clues (at the time i didnt know what blues clues was). i also didnt know my friends name, and i kept being told to "stop being rude". i figure now that the situation wasnt good and probably made me very anxious which didnt help my high. the high lasted i think about and hour and a half but i am not sure entirely. ive felt like a different person ever since then though. what do you guys think about this? i normally have a really good tolerance for weed, alcohol other people took dabs from the same little slab of dab shit so i dont know if what i got couldve been different or maybe something got mixed with it. help me out guys
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  3. That might help some ppl

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  4. You have a low tolerance and you took dabs. Just because you have taken a dab before means nothing. I know people who take dabs all day and they still sometimes get spaced the fuck out. Marijuana has the ability to change your perception and can act as a psychedelic. I personally do not like dabs because the experience for me is less predictable and I do not like the look and taste of it. The rigs used for dabbing can be used for other drugs and that sketches me out. I have been up that rabbit whole and I deemed it too far out of the realm of moderation so I returned and found a middle ground. I am not judging people who do dab everyone is on their own journey.
  5. It sounds like quite a shitty experience, for sure, but I have to echo the sentiment of that it's just effects you get when you mix high quality dabs and no tolerance. I've had ones comparable to that, trust me, and I know experiences like that can also rock your world immensely. I wouldn't worry too much about it if at all possible, and just try not to go too overboard next time, like maybe ease your way up to it with some weed first. I have also seen many a toker, including some fairly seasoned ones at that, take their first dab(s) with the ol' 'I can handle any amount of THC!' attitude only to barely crawl away from the sesh with their tail between their legs. In short, you're not the first, nor will you be the last. Hope things look up for you in future bowls!:wave:

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  6. Ever heard of paragraphs?
  7. This is what happens when you go around with strange men so that you can smoke their stash.
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  8. yeeaaaaahhhhh, uh.....
    that does not sound like marijuana, or marijuana concentrate. ive been around the block.
    (not hating on you but) it's too bad you couldn't loosen up and enjoy, you got dosed with Chemical X for da free!

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