Dab N flo, possibly oxidation? HELP!

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by mikeweezer80, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hey pals, I picked up a Dab n Flo nail and dabber from ny gifts last night. It hits BEAUTIFULLY, however, i noticed the outside of the cup turning all bluish color. Is this oxidation? or something else being released from the ti? or maybe my torch or something? just trying to keep safe!
  2. It sounds like the glass is fumed
  3. its titanium and i dont have a pic... it is like a bluishtint on some parts of the cup.. i mean ny gifts should be legit right
  4. from me heating it up though... i use a butane torch
  5. thats normal
  6. just, can you explain whats going on? theres no fumes being released?
  7. did you season your nail? if not torch your nail til its red hot and keep it there for a few minutes.the head of the nail should be like dull greyish color, no shine at all. you shouldnt be seeing any different colors after its properly seasoned. hope this helps!
  8. I def didn't do that... I thought seasoning meant taking mad dabs until it tastes real good haha
  9. nah no chemicals, its jsut how titanium reacts to heat I think. Gets that oily looking color going on around the shaft of the nail

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