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    We all celebrate April 20th or 4/20. It comes once a year and it’s our national stoner holiday. But guess what? We’ve got another one! With the rise in popularity of “dabs," high-THC concentrates and oils, July 10th has grown in popularity as our new, secondary stoner holiday.

    Why? If you turn the number 710 (or July 10th) upside down, the word “OIL” is spelled out. A strong consensus is building within in our community that the date July 10th should henceforth be recognized as a day to celebrate the wonderful world of oils and concentrates. In other words, July 10th will now be known as “Dab Day.”

  2. Cant wait for next Dab Day!
  3. two stoner holidays? I'm fuckin down. :D
  4. to bad i missed this already:(
  5. oh man i love to dab some good oil

    QWISO ftw!

    but i am intersted in BHO and will probably try doing a BHO run in the near future

    150 & 710 <3
  6. Is there a way to get this set back up?

    Thanks, love this forum. Whens the next dab day?

  7. Did you even read OP? Just like April 20th comes once a year so does July 10th aka 7\\10. About 6 more months to go.
  8. everyday is dab day!

    But I guess another day for dabbing isn't bad.

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