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  1. Where can I find a dab tool without having to sell my kids to afford it. I want to find a nice small piece for my oil/hash that's 150$ or less... Can you guys point me in the right direction?!
  2. Etsy
    Various places online local blower could hook it

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  3. local headshop
  4. Headshop.  Or, if you live in Denver, look for a super 99c thrift store.  Believe it or not the one I went too has good glass for cheap as fuck.  I bought a 12" beaker bong with a shower head perc in it, a dab tool, a oil rig, titanium nail, and a torch for 110$.  My friend spent 150 on his beaker without a perc, 25$ on a dab tool, 55$ for titanium nail, 60$ for oil rig, and 80$ for my same torch.  
    I win.

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