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Daaaankkk SHORELINE *macrossss*

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by happybuddah45, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. picked this up last night. bought an 8th for 63 but was given an extra gram :))))

    this bud is scrumptious. it stinks up my car even through my air tight jar.

    SMELL:very sour. with a sweet undertone.
    TASTE: taste kind of chemical like and sour
    HIGH: i am pretty sure this bud is a sativa. my head feels like it expands when i smoke it.

    the nugs are very dense and cured to perfection. when you break a nug open it doesnt crumble or anything and it feels perfect.

  2. Damn man. nice pickup.
    Looks like some straight fire:D
  3. 63 for 4.5g's
  4. damn man
    15 a gram for that is amazing.:D
  5. That is the sickest bud i have ever seen :-|

    Props to you my man :hello:
  6. damns, I'ma jealous. I havent had any bud for 2 weeks. Doesn't look like I'll be getting some any time soon either. :(
  7. well im smoking this fat bowl with kief for you:smoking:
  8. comments are appreciated :):p

    im soooo high. and now im playing skate 2 chewing 6 pieces of dentyne gum
  9. looks like some dankity dank dank, my dude.

    $63 is an interesting price.

    toke it easy!
  10. it was sposed to be 65 but i only spen 63 cuz i smoked my dealer out

  11. gotchya.
  12. classic h town strain. i only smoked i once though.. nice buds

    new kids on the scene
    get money, stay clean
    sip barr, smoke green
    serve fiends, na mean
  13. Bit leafy, but nevertheless dank
  14. nice pick up looks great 63$ is an odd price.
  15. ahah thats too bad
  16. Named after shoreline washington?
  17. i think its called shoreline cuz houston is close to the shore?? or maybe from galveston
  18. stonnnnneeeeddd:smoke:
  19. sick looking.
  20. some dank right there....just seems a bit dry...but nonetheless definitly some grade a bud

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