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DAAAAMN what strain did i hit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dajazza, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. Took a very very light toke at my friends house, just one hit. Felt nothing, literally nothing, no munchies, no relaxing feel, just normal. Got home like an hour later and feeling SO FUCKING TIRED. Feels like i haven't had sleep all night, not even high or anything just so tired! Even typing this, i'm so tired.

    Other strains never felt like this. The stuff i took had more brown/reddish than greed on the bud.
  2. very very light hit? then the weed probably had no influence
  3. sounds like an indica dominant.
  4. You smoked that OG Green Kush Apple Pie Haze duh.
  5. Literally man, like my mate chopped up a shitload, then there was tiny bit left, so he let me have it, it was very small cone.

    Fuck i don't even have a headache or anything just so damn tired. Had a little power nap 20 mins ago, didn't help.
  6. No need for a power nap, just take a full nap and wake up energized my dude.
  7. that fire drowzy haze bruh

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