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  1. I gotta get my computer fixed (using my dads one) so that i can post some pics or animations for yas stonners to stare at whilst stonned!!...!!!...!!! trust me, these pics are tried and tested on stonners adn they are very (VERY) rewarding for the right kind of mind to gaze into.

    DAMN why is my computer f***ed!!! grrrr :(

    i'll post some trippy pics the moment my comp is back up and running.

    shame i got nothing to show as yet from this puter... but wait... <digit posts this and goes of in search of some old stuff u guys might like still on his dads puter>

  2. hope this loads properly... first image i've ever loaded onto a forum.

    this is just an old pic of the type of stuff i was doing about 2-3 years ago (before i was even heavily influenced by pot/mushies/lsd), so u should see the sh*t i do now :)
    found it on my dad's HD from ages ago.

    suppose i shoulda posted a bigger one so that you can just seem to fall into the pic but thought since its the net id do a small one.

    this one was done using a scanner (*********** <-various objects) and Photoshop 4 (now have version 6 of course). some people might need to increase the brightenss of thier screen so they can see into the dark areas (but only just though).

    expect some newer stuff as MY computer gets fixed.

    **just checking out my MOD toolz, ignore this blurp.<--AM

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  3. thnx amanita (starting to think u and i think alike).

    just still annoyed that i can't access my computer. this image is old. it only utilises some of the skills i encorporate in my newer work and does not actually contain many actually images of anything dicernable (goblins, dragons, mushroom children, star gods/goddeses, phantastical things like that).

    waiting to hear back from my brother and to get my win98 Cd back and to get my dad's help. with all that i hould be back on my own comp any time soon and shall post some well kewl (and bigger) images for u all to gaze upon.

    still... keep gazing at this one... you should be able to atleast make out a few faces.


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