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  1. Greetings chums,

    Long story short; I got a vaporizer. Bud comes out light brown and not burnt, and vapes quite nicely.

    But.. I tried putting some hash in it to see how it does, and have found that even if the temperature is on max the hash doesn't seem to vaporize. It's Afghani Black and doesn't bubble when it's heated, which I'm not sure is an issue or not. I've found that some hits have been a little raspy with a light flavour, but I see no vapour when I exhale.

    Does anyone have this vaporizer and vape hash with it? What settings do you use? Am I doing something wrong?
  2. I used to get some pressed dry sift hash that vaped pretty good in the DBV. All I did was break it apart in to the smallest pieces possible using a razor blade and then vaped it on top of a bed of herb.
  3. Hmm .. How do you know if hash has vaporized? Like bud turns light brown - what about hash? And can I save it like bud?
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     I crumble the hash up as much as I can and it vapes very nicely. It doesn't really change colour much but it powders when vaped.  Haven't got a dbv but I've vaped hash in my Lotus, MFLB, Solo and EQ without any problems.
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    I broke it up into little balls before, but now I've been just putting a flat piece on, inhaling a bit, then crushing the hash up in the bowl to make it all crumbled and spread on the bowl screen .. It's yielding some faint vapour exhales and some effect .. Should the vapour be thicker though? Or is it normal for it to be faint/not see able? I feel like the amount I'm putting in isn't equivalent to the amount of vapour that comes out
  6. I guess it all depends on the hash, but generally I've found that hash seems to give better clouds than weed, the taste last longer and you can get more draws.  I love mixing hash with weed, the flavour is immense.
    Do you heat your hash with a lighter before crumbling?  The dods really need to be around the size of a pin head for best results.  Failing that, let the hash heat up on the dbv for a while.  Since you are using flat bits of hash it could be that you're not drawing air through the hash and instead it's just going round the edges. In effect, only the edges of your hash is being vaped.
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    Ahh I see, I'll start crumbling again. I didn't heat it but the balls of hash tended to be around pinhead size. Can I ask how you heat it? I'm still new to vaporizers and I'm not sure I'm using it correctly. I'm putting it at full temperature with the wand out for 2-3 minutes then turning the temp dial to about 2 o'clock and varying between it and 4 o'clock while the wands in, in attempts to get vapour. Anything wrong with my method? Should the wand be in there when it's at full temp to heat up?
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    I don't do anything different to vaping weed really. You could try to load the wand with the hash and connect it to the vape while it's heating.  Due to the dbv being convection it wont actually vape the hash until you draw but maybe the extra heating time will help.  One thing to make sure of is that the air flow through the wand is good and the filter screen is not getting blocked as this can reduce the effectiveness.  Apart from that I don't really know what else to advise
  9. Use a very fine cheese grater the hash becomes like dust maybe that will help you will probably need a very fine screen

    Xt660x 04

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