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Da Buddha Vape Not Getting Me High Anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PermaBlazed, May 25, 2010.

  1. Yes, I get new strains every week or two depending on how often I pick up. I'm smoking killer weed BCtokerr.

    I guess I'll have to go on that t-break and then go back to it. But I had done that before and it didn't work either.

    Hehe, I'm still always blazed just not vaked :bongin:
  2. Do you get ripped when you smoke? You might need to upgrade to concentrates. The high from vapes is very subtle so it can be fairly easily dismissed. Definitely check to see if it's functioning properly because when I take breaks from using it it never ceases to amaze me.

    I know a kid who was ripping my DBV with me for hours and we were all red-eyed as fuck and he was just sitting there saying he couldn't feel it. Idk if he was hitting it wrong or what but he claimed to not be feeling anything while the rest of us were GONE. He claims to smoke a lot but I doubt his tolerance could ignore several grams of Blueberry in a vaporizer.
  3. I can't really afford concentrates right now, in my area they are overpriced at about $50 a gram for some hash oil

    I know I don't smoke enough to not be getting enough THC from my vaporizer. I was thinking since vaping hasn't been working out I sell my DBV and get a herb-iron since that's a nicer cleaner hit than a lighter and vaping doesn't seem to be working out for me.

  4. Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe a leak in the whip?

    Before saying that vaping isn't working for you, have you tried another vape, from maybe a friend or something?
  5. Well it really has gotta be your vape. How do your hits you exhale look?

    And btw, hashes are easily attainable provided you're not lazy. Just read up on google, most of them are easy enough to produce and very efficient in getting you stoned. Even a mere keife box can make a nice dry sift that will last you a while. I suggest you look into one.
  6. I'm pretty sure there isn't a leak in the whip but I'll go check.

    My hits come out pretty thick for vapors, they're moderately visible and large volumes of vapors come out.

    I don't have much weed at the moment to make concentrates, I'm waiting for my two Blueberry plants to finish growing and I'm making a large batch of BHO with the trimmings.

    If my 5 other outdoor plants don't turn out well I'll be making all of them into hash.

    What do people say about the herb-iron? It looks like a good option for me
  7. Well it's apparent that you're getting the proper hits so maybe it is your tolerance. Idk if you answered but what quality buds are you smoking and do you get lifted when you rip the bong and all that?
  8. My tolerance is definitely not the problem. I took a break for a little bit and haven't been smoking as often so I know it's gotten lower.

    I do get really high when I hit my bong, or even a pipe or joint, it just seems like the vaporizer isn't working for me.

    I'm smoking high quality bud, I live in a wealthy area of Toronto where just about everyone smokes weed so we get really good cannabis around here. My dealers are either growers or know the grower of the buds

    I also checked my vape and there seems to be no holes in the whip. It's perfectly airtight.
  9. Only reason I say that is cause I was once upon a time in your shoes. I'd just vape hella and you do start to develop a tolerance to a vaped high. Now I just occasionally vape and when I do- I get devastated. But once I started gettin medicinal i didn't have worry to about switching up my toking techniques- ever lol

    Maybe just a buy a small bong and rip it once before your vape sesh- that way your not getting my tar in your lungs and you guarantee'd to feel somethin
  10. Even after over a month of not using it? I don't think I'd still be used to it, it just seems like I'm not affected by it
  11. When you vape do you get a nice cloud of vape?
  12. Yeah even after holding it in for over 15 seconds I get a nice cloud. I sold my DBV anyways though, I just need to order a herb iron now.

  13. okay. very strange how you weren't getting a buzz from it. I hope your herb iron works better. Let us know how that works out. The element looks very similar to the dbv's.
  14. Yeah, they're both ceramic heating elements but the direct contact will cause combustion.
  15. So what, you never found out why it wasn't getting you high? I really don't understand that but that's pretty crazy. Vaporizers only activate certain cannabinoids so maybe you have a heavy tolerance to those ones. Who knows. That sucks though, I pretty much only vaporize my bud.
  16. I think it's time for a T-break my friend.;)

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