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Da Buddha Vape Not Getting Me High Anymore

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PermaBlazed, May 25, 2010.

  1. I've been smoking for over a year now. I've owned many pieces and I got my Da Buddha Vaporizer 6 months ago.

    I used it everyday for 2 months, multiple times a day. Then I went back to hitting my bong again for a month. When I hit my vape again I didn't get high at all, I didn't feel a thing. I took a t-break for a week to see if I could get high from it after that but that was to no avail.

    I've tried about 10 times since then and the best I'll get is a 30 minute buzz. I used to get ripped from hitting my vaporizer, I know how to use it just fine, I vape with the temperature a bit higher than normal so I can extract more cannibonoids and get a body stone but that didn't work either.

    So I'm just wondering, does anyone know why this happened and how to reverse this?
  2. I would take a 3-4 week break. Same thing happened to me, I smoked once a day for a month and I just couldn't get high anymore, I would smoke huge bowls get a decent buzz for maybe 30 minutes and it would be completely gone. I took a 1 month break and just went through a quarter and had almost no tolerance even at the end, and I was smoking once a day sometimes twice. Also how good is the weed? I find with some types of weed I seem to build up a tolerance really quickly.
  3. Only smoking for a year and problems with tolerance? I'm a daily smoker for almost 20 years, and I don't have problems like that with tolerance. I can still get really high off of .2 or .3 in my vape. I don't get retarded like after I take a t-break, but I still get ripped and it lasts a while.

    Are you sure you're not smoking shwag? I'm not familiar with your vape, maybe there's buildup in the whip that is constricting airflow so you're not getting good hits?

  4. Yup. Get those screens, whip and wands super clean and report back. Condensation build up can really trap that THC before it ever gets to your lungs.
  5. Buy a Volcano, there's very little to clean and what there is to clean is very obvious to the naked eye.

    I've used an SSV, similar to your Da Buddha and the damn whip kept falling out, made me so angry

  6. Achhh.........the same thing can happen to a 'Cano when you get too much condensation building up in the bag. As a matter of fact, due to the size of the bags, you actually have MORE surface area for condensation to build up than in a whip type vape like the Buddha.

    Leave it to a 'Cano fanboy who has the name of his vape in his username to come up with a lame suggestion like this, for they will seize every opportunity they get to hawk their vape.

    Don't get me wrong. I think the Volcano is a great vape. It's just some of the 'Cano users that have some real issues.
  7. #7 Volcano South, May 25, 2010
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    I've NEVER had condensation in the bag? Where do I need to live for this to happen? Miami? Ecuador? Besides -- and I am NOT admitting your view is correct but I am merely responding in a "what if?" manner -- besides... even if the outside of the bag was coated in condensation that makes up a very small volumetric surface area of the bag. Coat the inside of the bag in honey for all I care, the interior of the bag will still be vapor.

    It's not like I make any money off the sales of the Volcano.

    If you want the only independently tested SAFE vaporizer, the only choice is the Volcano.....

    Not to get ticky tacky but you've got 2x the posts I do and 0.5x the rep. I don't post pickup threads where I get a mass +repping from the hordes of marijuana lovers. I just know know what the fuck I'm talking about.

    I'll be honest though, out of every 10 smoking sessions, probably only 3-4 are done with the Volcano. I'm not 100% all the time GOTTA USE MY VOLCANO kinda guy. I, too enjoy finely crafted glass pieces.
  8. #8 lwien, May 25, 2010
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    What in the fuck are you talking about? EVERY vape user, no matter what vape they use, gets condensation build up wherever the vapor passes thru on the way to your lungs. It's what happens when warm air passes thru your buds. When the warm vapor hits a surface that is cooler than the vapor itself, you get condensation. Did you ever notice how sticky the insides of the bags get? Did ya ever notice that golden color they take on after awhile? Do you know what that is from? It's from condensation. It's the same shit that builds up in the whips and wands of a whip vape as what builds up in the bags, in a bag vape.

    btw, harvest that condensation build-up. That shit will get you super fucked up.
  9. I respectfully disagree with the bolded statement.

    Are you trying to say that the only safe, on the market vaporizer is the Volcano? If so, that is completely false. Da Buddha, SSV, Magic Flight Launch box, etc. are all great vaporizers for about 1/5th of the cost of a 'Cano.
  10. #10 lwien, May 25, 2010
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    RipIt, it's just the inane ranting of a 'Cano fanboy. These guys actually think that the only vape worth getting is the Volcano which couldn't be further from the truth. Although the 'Cano's are excellent vapes and are definitely worth considering if one is in the market for a bag vape, I honestly believe that these fanboys take this stance in order to justify their high price of admission. Either that, or they are totally ignorant to the benefits of some of the other high quality vapes that are available and will come into every vape thread with the intention of telling everyone that they are idiots for purchasing anything other than their beloved Volcano. Too funny............

    I've even seen these idiots come into threads titled "Looking to purchase a portable. What is the best portable vape I can get?", and guess what they suggest? LOL !!!!
  11. It's not a tolerance problem, I still get really high from .3 in my bong, or a pipe, and about .6 in a joint will get me ripped.

    I'm smoking dank, I have some Northern Lights right now (friend knows the grower) and some BC Bud my friend's uncle brought here.

    My rod and whip are very clean, I change the screen after about 5 uses so it's not a problem with buildup clogging anything. You can still see through the rod and some parts don't have resin on them.

    So... Aside from the Volcano talk I don't see a problem. I'm 100% sure it's not my tolerance because my tolerance was a lot higher when I had my DBV and I got stoned from hitting it, now my tolerance is about 5x lower than that.

    I've never had the rod from the DBV fall out, the SSV has a downwards angle so that's a problem for it but the DBV has a straight joint.
  12. Maybe your heating coil is worn and not producing the right amount of heat any more? Just throwin shit out there, I don't even own a vape yet.

  13. The DBV comes with a hands free GonG connection and the SSV comes stock with a non-hands free connection so it's not designed to be automatically held against the heating element. You need to manually do that, so VolcanoSouths's comment that the SSV's whip kept falling out is just as comical as his comment that he doesn't get any condensation inside of his 'Cano's bag.

  14. Good point. What is the color of your ABV ?
  15. "This message has been deleted by Blunt .. Reason: high"
    it happens bro...
  16. My heating element is fine. My ABV is dark brown when I vape it thoroughly, I like to save up ABV for QWISO though so sometimes I only make it tan. When my friend used my vaporizer at his house he burned the bud at about 3/4 of the way or slightly before
  17. this.
  18. all i'm gonna say is

    buy killer weed fuck
  19. So the heating element is fine and everything's clean and in tip top shape and you're vaping your bud to a dark chocolate brown and you're still only getting high for 30 min. after going back to your bong?

    I can then only offer up the following. When you went back to your bong, you were taking in CBD/CBN's that you can only get from combustion, as well as toxins like Benzine and Carbon Monoxide. The combination of those CBN/CBD's along with those toxins contributes very much to the high that you get when you combust. When you vape, you are not getting those things, but instead, are getting higher amounts of THC.

    So, if you really don't want to combust anymore, but want to go back to vaping, I suggest at least a 2 week T-Break, and then, when you go back to vaping, don't combust anymore.

    Oh, one more thing to rule out. Did you change strains when you went back to your DBV from your bong?
  20. Time to change your username lol.

    It sucks though man I know what you mean. You're always gunna be hunting after that original high.

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