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  1. I just recently go a new DBV, its pretty awesome by the way. I am having some problems with it. I think at first the screen got moved and was not sealed at the bottom of the bowl.I had to put the temp way up to just get it to go. The screen is in correctly again. When i used the new grape ape i got it seems like i cant get all the weed to turn to that dark brownies color. I was using blockhead before and it seemed to burn a little better.

    The grape ape smokes fine in other pieces. I have put it through the bong and smoked it out of a pipe. I cant seem to figure out why i cant get the whole bowl to go brown. I would say it 85% brown and 15% greenish. I take a few hits then press on the weed and stir, then repeat.
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    OAH< YOU SHOULD NOT BE SMOKING FROM YOUR VAPORIZER. If it burns, your fucking up your unit.

    Never go past 2 o clock on the dial.

    Stay between 12 and 2.

    It should NEVER turn a dark brow, that means you might have burnt it, which is very bad.

    It should ONLY be a thorough GOLDEN BROWN color, never dark brown or black.

    Every few hits, stir up the herb thoroughly, tap the wand a bit to even it out then pack down GENTLY with the marble end.

    starting from a cold unit(completly off), turn it up to 12-1 0 clock for 3-5 minutes and its ready to go.

    You shouldnt see a lot of vapor being exhaled.
    You should hold the vapor in your lungs for at least 10 seconds. Its ok to hold it in because theres no smoke(as long as you dont accidently combust).

    Any other questions? feel free to ask me here. I use my DBV pretty much everyday!
  3. Yeah i only combusted my herb once to see where that point was. I lost my marble piece so i just use a pen.

    I used blockhead in the vap at first. 12 to 1 was what i was going to. It was a pretty dried out nug i was using.

    Now the screen wasnt sealed down well and i just picked up some grape ape. With the screen messed up a was sucking in 3x faster. I didnt realize this until 2 days later. I had to add more heat.

    I fixed that last night and it is working fine again. The grape ape seems to need more heat, it is more fresh then what i was using.

    I can seem to hit it and not get the same green pieces to turn a brown. I can hit it 5 times in a row and it will look the same and i dont really seem to get much vapor.

    I am not sure what amount of vapor i should be exhaling also. It just seems like the grape ape sucks at vaping or something. I would get more vapor in the past with the blockhead.
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    Are you grinding or cutting it evenly enough?

    Always stay between 12 and 2. ALWAYS.

    Don't fill too much of the bowl, no more then half of the GonG fitting(frosted glass fitting) or you won't get good hits.


    SO, that means that if you pull too slow on a high temperature you have a big risk of burning it.

    Don't change the temperature, just pull a BIT slower(remember, TOO slow is bad).


    You really should not see ANY vapor exhaled.
    Vapor takes longer for your body to absorb, so holding it in longer will get you higher and what you see exhaled is mostly wasted.

    Hold vapor in your lungs for at least 10 seconds, or- if you want, until no(or little) vapor is exhaled.

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