Da Buddha HomeMade Water Filter.

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  1. Hey fellas.

    My previous post was about how all the fine particles of post-vaporization herb , were passing through my screen, going down the whole tube, and eventually ended up with me inhaling them.

    I didn't like that idea, so i decided to spend like an hour making a home made water filter. I could have gone to my local head shop and bought a crappy 10 dollar plastic bong, and stuffed the tube in the stem, but i decided to save myself the 10 bucks.

    I made it out of an old spice container, obviously washed thoroughly , here is the end result. You guys made any home made water filters / ash catchers for your Da Buddha Vaporizer?.

    here's some pics.

    Here another a lil' more close up.


    The glass mouthpiece used on the end of the hose, i placed in an air tight hole on the lid of the spice container. Only downside i see is that you have to tilt your head slightly to hit it?.

    Any other ideas for a better one?, im open to criticism and comments. Im just not looking to invest any money in some super complicated home made none-sense.
  2. Very nice.

    I buddy of mine has the same vape, same problems... He used a hallowed bic pen with a metal screen pushed an inch into it..
  3. if you slow down and hit slower this wont happen.
  4. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQrdQ4Xst9I]YouTube - Silver surfer bubbler.[/ame]

    this is what i was trying to show u b4

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