Da Buddha + bud [pics]

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by XTC, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. got the buddha a few days ago




  2. excuse me while i find my lower jaw. it dropped to the floor...
  3. We need to become best friends bro lol:smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:
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    I want that...

    Dude, how much was that?

    My vape is shit compared to that. I'm definitely getting a new one.

    EDIT: I said "that" 3 times. My God, at least my vape can get me high...
  5. :laughing:

    i paid $145. it also included the grinder in the pic and that hemp carrying case.

    the buddha gets me as high, if not higher than a volcano that a friend owns (i used the same herb too).
  6. damn son. should i get da buddha
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    I miss my Da Buddha that my parents took from me. Was black too. Oh well. Enjoy, haha.

    Oh, and... My god that is a lot of herb for vaporizing. That will last you some years.

    EDIT: You know what sucks about the Da Buddha? It's made in China now. It used to be made here in the States. Demand got too high I guess. Still a great product.
  8. im getting one soon. Thats a good deal, especially for the black one. they usually charge 20 more. Where did you scoop that
  9. How much dank is that, did you buy it all at one time, and how much did it run you?
  10. [​IMG]
    This was my initial reaction upon opening this thread..
    Then I had to double take to make sure I wasn't imagining my ultimate fantasy.
    Me after I realized it was real.

    I'm definitely going to go with Da Buddha as my first vape once I get the money, but holy shit you have such a nice collection of bud there sir.
  11. Dear sweet jesus... That is a beautiful site. Pretty sure I creamed my pants for each picture. Lucky bastard.
  12. mmm, yummy, those hairs on them buds look so fuckin' delicoussss..:smoke::D
  13. I fucking LOVE my Buddha!

    Best thing ever!
  14. I said exactly this when I saw those pics.
  15. Very very nice... been waiting on my Buddha that I ordered a little bit back, should be here early next week. Any tips for a first timer?

    I got the same deal as you, from vapeworld.com, you get the free grinder and bag, and you can even find a 10 % off coupon... definitely the best deal for a black Buddha. Wish I had that much dank as you for its arrival but I just picked up an O of mids cause that's all I could get right now.
  16. i used the 10% coupon so my total came to ~$145 shipped. just read the small user guide it comes with and you'll be set...it's so damn easy to use.

    i've had mine for maybe 4 days...look at this tasty vape resin thats already begun to form :D

    and you better believe i'll be baking some brownies with the vape poo :hello:



  17. is that resin poo on the bottom pic? lol
  18. haha

    that's the vaped bud..
  19. Wow. You go through so much in just 4 days! Dude, I'd have like that much saved up in 2-3 months, lol. You have a high tolerance.

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