Da Buddha better be worth it.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by stayfrostyx, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. I purchased a DBV from the official site very excited. This was on June 7th. Two weeks later my DBV has still not been shipped. I e-mailed and asked what was taking so long and the response i got was this:

    This order actually has not shipped yet because we are completely out of DBV units. They were supposed to be here already but customs won't release them. As soon as the order comes in your order will be filled and shipped.


    I am starting to get very impatient. I understand things of this nature happen, however two weeks is a very long time to wait for my vape to be shipped. The other thing that made me frustrated was that I had to e-mail them to find out that my order has been delayed past the usual amount of processing time. I just thought it would be professional of them to send me an e-mail just telling me what was going on.

    I am just wondering if this is a fluke or if 7th floor gets delayed like this alot?
  2. I had no problems when i ordered my ssv last year

    EDIT: also had no problems when i ordered an extra whip and some other stuff earlier this year
  3. Honestly you will probably be fine. I am buying from the DBV company, not ebay. You will probably get your vape before I do, even though i ordered 2 weeks ago.
  4. when I read what you posted I figured I should grab one before they're gone
  5. id be sketchy about ebay. doesnt seem authorized at all and thats a cheap ass price. the black one is like 210 cause the black option is an extra 10 bucks at my LHS. trust me the wait will be worth it. the dbv is one of the better whip vapes, looks very aesthetically pleasing and functions excellent!
  6. Damn this is not good news I just ordered my Buddha today and am stoked for it to arrive, even purchased an ounce of dank to get ready for it.
  7. trueg115 I will post here when they finally ship mine to give you an idea of when yours will come.

  8. throw it in a jar and cure it! an ounce will go a looong way in a DBV
  9. Already one step ahead of you :smoking:

  10. 7th Floor has been going through some growing pains lately, so I'm not surprised about the delay and them not calling you to give you an update.

    Great vape though.
  11. I was and maybe am still. but they have a 30 day return policy, it says that it's all legit, and they have 99% feedback, so I figured I would take the chance. the black one is 189 from 7th floor. ebay moves a lot more units, so they can afford to sell at lower prices
  12. The only thing with the return policy is you always have to pay to get it shipped back. By that time you are soo much money in the hole you may as well keep it.
  13. Da Buddha better be worth it.

    --It is. Every penny. Such a great vape. Everyone on here knows how I feel about my DBV. great vape for the money and has never let me down. 7th floor is a LEGIT company and will not fuck with you.

    If they say they are experiencing problems, they are experiencing problems. There's nothing you can do, but wait. It will be that much better when you see that box on your porch unexpectedly. Peace man and I will load one up for ya on my end here. DBV ftw...
  14. yeah 7th Floor contacted me today and said an order should be comming in any day now...just cant wait till mine gets shipped out and comes in; heard nothing but good reviews about it!!!!!
  15. :(:(:( looks like I'm in the same boat after all:

    Dear Valued Customer:

    VapeWorld.com would like to first congratulate you on your Da Buddha Vaporizer purchase and for becoming part of the VapeWorld family. As of today June 22nd Da Buddha Vaporizers are still on backorder due to lack of production from the manufacturer. VapeWorld has exhausted all resources to find them without any luck – yes every retailer online as of 2 weeks ago are out of stock.

    We wanted to give you a couple options and let you know personally that we are very sorry and make you aware something like this is not normally how we conduct our business; if you have done business with us in the past you know how our customers come first.

    Your options are as follows:

    1. You can wait until we receive one of the first shipments from the manufacturer either late this week or early next week.
    2. You can upgrade to the Silver Surfer Vaporizer (usually $80 more) for $30 more – they are NOT Hands Free vaporizers but we will include the Hands Free adapter at no charge to you.
    3. We will happily give you your money back no questions asked and again our sincerest apologies.

    (but they have confirmed I will get a black one for 164 shipped)
  16. wow that's a great deal...+30 for the SSV?
  17. yeah, but the whole reason I wanted da buddha was because it's all black, upright, and hands free...

    but if anyone wants a SSV for $194 shipped, just order a DBV, lol
  18. I love my DBV, I get a much cleaner high from using it. When I smoke out of bowls I feel really good for about an hour and a half but after that I start to get really tired which I hate. But if I use my DBV I get the same feeling for a longer period of time and I don't feel tired of when I'm coming off of my high.
  19. Dear XXXX,

    If everything goes right we'll have them in our possession by the end of next week. If for any reason that changes, we'll be sure to let you know. We'll also send you your tracking as soon as it ships out.

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