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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by celticweedlover, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. So heres the basic layout of it anywayz, im way too tired at da moment so im gonna catch sum Z'ss, Ill Post da rest of the info 2moro,

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  2. bit small on the vertical height if that's a flowering chamber........?........Peace out........Sid
  3. Ya i know Sid, im trying to keep it as small and tidy as possible cos its gotta fit in my closet.I Could get away with another foot in height but thats the max i could go.
    Im going to be using all floro's cos theres a postal strike here at the moment and i cant order anything off the net, but hopefully it should be finished with soon and i can order a Hps for the flowering cab!
    Im gonna be growing 'White Rhino' so i should be ok with 4ft height right?
    Im Reading up on Scrog techniques at the moment cos i think it would be the best option for me in the future!
    Im just gonna keep it simple for this grow though just to get sum experience groing first, then ill think bout Scrog.
    Odour isnt a problem either cos i can vent outside, Im gonna make the box itself from .5'' white plastic coated chipboard cos its easy to work with, cheap and it saves me having to paint the inside white.....(im soooo lazy).
    as for the veg chamber i was thinking like 100w's in CFL's and for the flowering chamber 250w Floro tubes and CFL's.
    Thats all i can think of now so wotchee think?
  4. I found a 12vdc computer fan online (1000rpm,22dB,12cm,i think it was 36cfm)
    for sumtin like $20, and when i add the cost of shipping etc, its gonna cost me $44 or around 35euro here, Hope its worth it!
    The Postal Strike is finished with so i can finally shop around for the bits and pieces i need to make the box.
    I found a place within Ireland that sell Hps Floodlights, From 150w to 400w.
    The 150w is 130euro including P&P, Ill sleep on that one!
    Ive decided to scrap the idea of a seperate veg box and instead im gonna build 1 box, 4ftH,2ftW,1.5ftD.This is as big as i can have it cos its gonna be a stealth grow.Im gonna use the box ,which tightly fits the inside height and width of my wardrobe, as a fake back to the wardrobe.My wardrobe is about 10" out from the wall, im gonna take the back panel off the wardrobe and replace it with my growbox which will only use up about 8" of the interior space of the wardrobe.
    You cant see the back of the wardrobe cos theres another one next to it end next to that is the chimney breast so theres no way anyone will spot the growbox jutting out the back of my wardrobe,I can vent outside too cos theres an air vent in my room and its right next to the wardrobe,The wardrobe itself is blocking it so no-one will be able to see the vent pipe running out it.
    It seems fairly foolproof so far but im sure that i will encounter sum problems along the way.Ill post a pic anyway of my wardrobe so you'll see wot im talking about better.
    ANY Suggestions or ideas? see any problems i might run into?
    Dont hesitate to post!
  5. "I found a 12vdc computer fan online (1000rpm,22dB,12cm,i think it was 36cfm)
    for sumtin like $20, and when i add the cost of shipping etc, its gonna cost me $44 or around 35euro here, Hope its worth it!"

    Sorry to sound uneducated man, but don't you guys have like a Radio Shack or something over there? I mean you're obviously talking to us on a computer so there has to be somewhere that sells computer supplies right? I just hate for you to spend 44 bucks on something that you might be able to find at a nearby computer store for far less.

  6. we have radio shack, tandy, maplins, currys, pc world and about 20 electrical shops that do pc's and bits in most high streets. the problem is getting to the shop quick enough before the owner is burned as a witch and without running over the bloke with the red flag.
  7. "the problem is getting to the shop quick enough before the owner is burned as a witch and without running over the bloke with the red flag."

    Sorry man I didn't get what you were saying here. If it's a shot at me for how little I know about the area you live in, I probabally deserved it man. I've only been to 5 states in my life and don't know too much about overseas. I probally should of kept my mouth shut. Sorry if I offended anybody, that was certainly not my intention.

    We cool? :)
  8. Honestly, i dont know if theres a radio shack around here!
    In the city i live in, there are computer shops but ive never seen any fans, just printers,cables etc..
    I probably could get sum computer fans if i looked hard enough but i'd just be settling for sum piece of crap noisy thing.I'd preffer to get a good one ya know?
    Noise is a big issue as well cos its gonna be a stealth grow!
    THUG- you've been at the medecine cabinet again have'nt you? lol
    I have the cash all saved up now for the grow, bout 400euro for the growbox itself.
    Do yee guys think the 150w hps for 130euro is a good deal?
    Im only gonna be growing 2 plants at a time so would this do or would a 250w be better?
    I dunno shit bout hps, never used one ever!
  9. I guess your last question depends on the sqaure footage of your grow area. I've heard about 50 watts per sqaure foot is perfect, although you can get by with less. So if your area is 1.5x1.5 that's 3 sqaure feet and 150 watts should be golden.

    I like your idea of scrogging white rhino. I'm about to order some myself. I'm going to do a sea of green under 600 watts and then find a great mother plant and clone her. Then I'll take thoose clones and put them in bubble buckets and floro grow them. (Just a few at a time). While I've got my b.b. scrog floro grow going, I'll keep a s.o.g. going under the 600. Atleast that's the idea for right now.

    You said earlier that you were thinking about floros. Well it just dawned on me today about how sensible they were. I had 4 bag seeds started under my 600. I realized that I could go buy $14.79 worth of floros and keep them going under thoose instead of my 600. My floros will save me more than what they cost just in the power difference between 600 and 80 watts. I guess further review of their performance will tell me how much I like them or don't, but for right now they're *cartman's voice* KICK ASS!
  10. Cool,
    Ya i like White rhino a lot,The taste,smell, high!
    Ive never smoked anything like it, really i havent!
    Grass/weed is almost impossible to get ure hands on over here, Just crappy "soapbar hash", it just makes you dozey!
    Barnaby gave me the the oppurtunity to see wot its like for myself by giving me sum seeds for free! <--stand up guy!
    Its completely different to wot im used to smoking ya know?
    The "hash" over here is dank man, u get a bit of a floaty sensation in your head and big red eyes but thats about it really.I once got my hands on an eight of "thai-weed" as it was called, me and my friends were off our Trolley laughing at the most ridiculous things ever! we made a few joints at first then we threw the rest into a bong and we were really and truly stoned!<--like a virgin, for the very first time LOL
    Another type of weed that i came across was shredded up crap in a bag with loads of seeds in it and was being called "Skunk", I dunno if it was or not cos i have nothing to compare it to, it was very,very smelly, and greasy and oily in a joint! but there was no buzz of it whatsoever! Ditto!

    My new dimensions are 2ftwide, 4fthigh,1.5ft deep,
    From grow reports ive read, white rhino averages out at about 3ft high, doesnt show a huge growth rate when switched to flowering like other strains, but does increase in size obviously,and is a fairly maintenance free plant in terms of ease of growing!
    I wanna get the maximum height possible so i dont waste any space in my already small box, do i have to keep the hps a foot away from the top of the plants?or is it just a matter of distance in relation to wattage?
    Could i seal the light off from the rest of the box and ventilate it seperately like a cool tube, using perspex as a kind of screen?
    Any help or links etc would be totally appreciated!
    Damn my fingers hurt.....
  11. Hi all,
    Went shopping yesterday and i came across sum pretty interesting floodlights.No Hps though :(
    I even came across an "indoor plant light", and get this it was a halogen? thought they were completely useless
    But i did find a nice flouro floodlight. 2 26w coolwhite flouro's with an aluminium reflector all sealed etc for 15euro!
    15 euro! Needless to say, Yep i got it!
    I came home and wired it up to test it, Turned it on and it lit up the room it was very bright indeed, Also they are "cool white" bulbs which is cool cos i cant seem to find that kind around easily, only loads of "warm whites".
    Nothing amazing like, but for 15euro it was a steal!
    2 11w compact flouro's cost bout 16euro alone!
    I think ive found my vegging light! :)
    All i need now is my hps!
    Ill post pics as soon as i connect up my other computer,
    God, i hate using Pc's, How do yee guys stick em?
    Cant wait till im back using my Mac!

  12. yeah we cool, 2b honest i dont even remember posting that lol.

    CWL b&q do a 70w hps floodlight for 45 english, if you have one of them near you then that fluro and the 70watter would give you great results in the space you have, would be a nice mix of reds n blues and cost you very little extra.... but if you have the money then get the 150, that will give much better results and if you wanted to theres nothing stopping you using a 150hps and the fluro apart from heat maybe?

    speaking of which i think your right not to skimp on the fans, are you thinking of doing anything about the smell? the reason i ask is cus we have some spare misty seeeds kicking around, gr8 little plant, whitewidowXnorthenlightsXshiva, stays very short and squat, nice fad buddings but stinks like your old socks. if you are then mail mr wylde before he plants them in the park with the other spare seeds.
  13. ok Thug, you need to start passing some of your fine greens my way so I can daze out like that lol. I'm eager to start growing my new season but I have to wait for money for my seeds. Unless anyone wants to send me some for free ;)

    Sounds good with the stealth box. What type of setup are you going to use to bring the fresh air in? I like how you have the vent readily available to take out the bad air. That truly helps. I'd recommend probably a vinegar plate in the vent itself though to get rid of the smell of the weed, or a carbon filter. Can't think of anything else right now... a little too high to function all too well.

  14. I like the sound of them seeds!!
    Ill give barn a mail later so...
    Theres no B&Q round here though, I could do without parcels coming to my house at the moment ;)
    I got the wood today, 5/8th" white chipboard,But as for the height......the highest i could go was 3ft6"......and in width......1ft4".....:(
    Im gonna be restricted at the moment cos its a stealth grow..
    Im only gonna go for 1 plant, hopefully a bushy fat juicy plant...and more bad news...postal strike!!!!
    Theres a huge backlog in mail at the moment so im not gonna order that hps yet!!!....soon!!
    Im gonna buy another 1 of them 52w 6400k flouro floodlights, and incase the hps dont come in time im gonna get 4 18w warm white CFL's and use em as sidelighting to flower.....hopefully ill have the hps by then though!
    Even if i have to go all flouro, ill have about 104w cool white and 72w warm hite = 176w ? that should be enough for 1 plant...
    Im gonna break the floodlight apart too and put the transformer bits outside the box, so all that will be in the box is the reflectors and the lights. Im gonna put the exhaust fan on the very top of the box, And the air intakes near the bottom.I dont think ill have to worry about smell, im only gonna be running about 3ft of ducting from the top of the box to the vent on the wall,im gonna cut a small circle and push the ducting through,im gonna cover the rest of the vent around it so no smell can creap back in!
    The chipboard is already white and very reflective so no painting needed!I have to try and get up early 2moro and shop for some soil, ferts,etc..... growing costs money...DAMN!
    Ill have pics very soon, just have to sort a few things out, ill take pics as im constructing the box and ill post em all together then,should be soon though..Cant wait to get started AAAAAAGHH!!!!
    What yield could i expect with this set-up?
    I have experience growing House plants and outdoor gardening etc...
    Wots a good estimate?
  15. You're yeild will basically be determined by your genetics mainly. So it'll depend on the strain. I mean naturally big bud is going to produce more than lowryder, ya know?

    Anyways keep us posted and if you've got a digi cam, we could use another kick ass grow journal.
  16. I have a few small computer fans, about 4cm, im gonna use them to blow on the plant and circulate the air.Im gonna try and get the best ventilation for the least noise possible, as for the air intake...Im gonna cut a slit on the lower side panels, 1 on each side, about 6" long and 1.5" width which should be more than enough, i hope...lol
    Im gonna look into co2 enrichment as well,i know a few ways to make co2 so im gonna see wot i can come up with...
    even a slight increase in co2 levels can have a major difference and with the amount of light im gonna be using for 1 plant i think it could work well,any ideas?
    Im gonna fix the cool white flouro's on the top of the box, Its easier to move the plant up and down than the lights,and in flowering im gonna use warm white Cfl's,On a flexible cord thing, and use em to side light the plant, i should be able to adjust em to where i want about 1" away from the side of the plant,I even bought a cordless tool kit just to do this shite right, nice kit too, So thats all i can come up with at the moment, so i have the wood,some lights,fans,timer,thermometer and i need ducting,wood filler,screws,rubber?,soil,fert, and thats it i think, hope im not forgetting anything....I know im gonna come out with a whole lot more than that lol, im hoping only to pay like 50euro but ill probably spend 150euro on accesories and shite,
    Fecking impulse buying,Ill be broke but ill be happy :)
    CANT WAIT!!!!!
  17. I wish you the best of luck CWL. Keep me informed as to how things go... I'm interested in doing stealth techniques but for right now my basement with Fluoro's works very well. No heat detection ;) Stupid USA having to say "weed is illegal". I'm very VERY tempted to move to Canada once I grow enough here ;)

  18. k, went shopping again today and im totally broke!
    Got another 52w cool white floodlight, 4 18w warm white Cfl's,
    Light sockets,3 strand and 2 strand cable,plugs,a metal enclosure box,2 boxes of screws,drill bit set,Ferts, and i picked up rooting hormone as well, rubber foam sealer for the door,hinges, and i still need more stuff!!!
    I have all the stuff to build the box though, so im gonna get started as soon as i can.
    Ive seen flexible ducting as well in a shop but i forgot to get it....Doh'
    Im gonna mark out drill holes etc tonight if i can and i could screw it together in bout 5 mins, then i can cut vent holes and fix the floodlights, then ill install the side lights and wire it all up! I love building stuff!!
    I should have pics in the next day or so,
  19. Still have nothing built yet, :(
    Been very busy the last 2 weeks so i didnt get any work
    done.The good news though is that my radio station i doing very well :),
    I still have all the growing gear, still in boxes and everything!
    Ill post a pic of all of the stuff in the next day or so,
    Im hoping to have it all put together at the weekend cos i wanna get started as soon as i can.
    All im short is ducting, for the exhaust fan, to vent outside.
    Ill pick it up soon though, ill get away without it for the first
    week or so,
    So hopefully, i should be writing in the Grow Journals this time next week :) :)
  20. Finally got some work done on the set-up!
    I have the box itself almost complete, and i started wiring up the lights!
    Remember the 52w flouro floodlights? I took em apart and i thought i was gonna have trouble fitting em in the box, I was wrong, the light sockets are made to fix upright and there was 1 transformer for each bulb.I fixed the light sockets to the top panel of the box,and fitted the aluminium reflectors.
    I put the transformers/ballast on the other side of the panel, the top of the box.Im gonna keep all the electrical stuff on the very top of the box for easy access and cooling.Im gonna put the exhaust fan in the middle of the top panel for best cooling and the electrics will be in a ring around that.
    Everything seems to be going together very easily and i tested the lights today, 104w of flouro's is bright man!
    Still have loads to do but the worst is over id say, Im not gonna do anymore till i take photos cos i wanna show every step,Havin a problem with the cam at the moment, Its lookin good so far anyway!

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