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  1. Okay so I got some but now I need to know how to store it and mask the smell my dad used to smoke and he will smell it D:
  2. glass mason jar with a sealed lid. if you have a walmart you can find some nice ones for about 2.50
  3. or tupperware.
  4. What I did until I'm able to go to the store is i took a ziplock sandwich bag and put them in there then i took my weed put it in another ziplock bag pressed out all the air and put it inbetween the dryer sheets then closed that and put it in another then stuck it in a padded envelope and put it in my lock box lol
    A lot of work but it'll pay off lol.
    Now to get some incense haha :]
  5. if your dad use to do it im sure as soon as you started lighting up incense in your room he will guess pretty quick whats up ;)
  6. Aww Crap you have a point.
    Maybe I would start acting like i'm all into the earth and Hippieish idk lol

  7. Then he'd DEFINITELY know whats up....
  8. maybe your dad still burns.. ask him to toke WITH you so you dont have to hide it.

  9. Good idea, but could be a bad plan. My da used to smoke a LOT. Apparently now he is involved with the legal side of drug court, so like the opposite of smoking a lot.
  10. No offense but you sound kinda young... But you should use a mason jar for storage. Do not tell your dad you want to smoke. And when blazing, just be smart, use a sploof, blow it out a window. Better yet just go outside and smoke.
  11. My dad would definately not be okay with hit he wont smoke it himself just because he's trying to get a job its kinda eh idk ugh D:

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