*d*s first official dispensary experience.

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  1. Well blades, I guess you could easily say that I'm extremely late to the party when it comes to legal, recreational bud. Although things changed in 2012 regarding herb's legality in a couple places nearby, it took all the way up until this fucking year to get proper zoning permits and shit to have it in any cities near me. Now that things are up and running, my curiosity to hit up one of the shops within reasonable road trip distance was naturally very piqued. From reliable friends, I had heard one in particular had some specially fine tree. Fast forward to day before yesterday, I take a very long highway walk at night to go meet one of my main new regular dealers, who's brother has known our family for a very long time, and who I used to make trips for nug with about 6 years ago. I buy a $20 off of him of some kill, keep in mind, we're standing outside under cover of trees and shadows of an abandoned house near his, and while we're getting chooched in the open air, he starts bragging about some shops he's visited, and all their glorious weed. Well, I happen to mention I'd never even as much stepped foot in one before, and he looks at me like joking. He's like, 'You're fuckin' serious!?, you've never even been in a shop before? Fuck this, we're going Tuesday.' So we drove up this morning, and luckily even though the I.D I was carrying was expired, and I'm from another state, I was lucky enough to be able to make my first quasi-legal purchase of 1/8th of THCBD's God's Gift, which was a sale special for $35. It's an Indica-dominant hybrid, and it'll nail your balls to the floor. It was just so nice to walk into a legal, elegant, safe and stocked thoroughly shop, where there was a good example being put forth, after all this time as a stoner. It was a big moment, personally. I can't wait to go try more of what this place has to offer, if this bud is any indication.


  2. It's like being a kid in a store with penny candy! Wow, shows my age. Does anybody even have penny candy anymore?? I have 5 dispensaries near me and I love to go in and just grab my shit. A good store will have great staff to help you even more, especially when you're a noob like me. I've never bought weed in my life until I got my card and went to a shop.
  3. That was the only unfortunate part of the experience, the fact that I wasn't walking in exactly loaded with cash.[​IMG] I mean, I did have the $30, and my homie spotted the other $5, but coming to an acceptable and confident choice was quite difficult. Don't get me wrong, the God's Gift is great and all, but there were about 3 other top choices of mine that all had their pros.


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