=D NEW JOB instant hire haha.

Discussion in 'General' started by boredjim8, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. heh went into perkins (stoned and smelly just smoked a fat bowl in parkinlot to my head..) so i was like fuck im not gonna get it .. well the guy said 2 dishwashers quit and needed 2 replacements ASAP .. so me and my friend ken (who both got fired from friendlies) got new jobs right away.. get our schdule today =D =D =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i get 6.25 for bussin (and tips i think idk tho ..) and 6.75 hr for dishwasher!!! gonna be tight
  2. ha, you two are like Nick and T-Dawg from Waiting.... why would you smoke before an interview? seems counter-productive if you ask me.
  3. well we were just goin there to get another application.. and i alraedy had the bowl packed an i thought we wre a few miles away from the place so i took one hoot and we were there.. i was like damn im gonna finish this before we go in and so about seven big rips later.. im like fuck it ill finish after i get the application.. well we wnet in and the GM was like FILL IT OUT HERE GET ME WORKIN PAPERS ASAP YOUR HIRED! =O very akward i thought i was just pickin up the paper
  4. ahhh, that makes slightly more sense... id still be paranoid
  5. yar i was.. didnt look him in eyes kept distance and let ken (caue he isnt smokin for a few weeks) talk to him for me..
  6. got work already this friday o_O now thats good work !!

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