D Day Anniversary

Discussion in 'General' started by SugarcroN, Jun 6, 2004.

  1. On this day 60 years ago allied troops paradroped behind enemy lines and stormed the beaches of Normandy knocking on the door of Hitlers fortress europe. Today I smoke in honor of those brave men who lost their lives for the freedom of Europe and then later to the freedom of the jews. Never forget yo. Peace.
  2. My grandpa was in the war so I salute him today.
  3. I met a guy that was on the first wave on Omaha Beach..it's kinda odd the way he could casually talk about it..fuckin scared the shit outta me..
  4. Man I just toked a few bowls right now. Man I dedicate those to the Troops. RIP! <3
  5. At my frisbee golf course there is an old hobo that walks around and finds discs......we talk to him all the time...he was in D-Day....actually i think i am gonna go play and chat with him a lil right now......
  6. l,ll smoke a few pipes for all soldiers everywhere :smoke:

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