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Cystic fibrosis

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Stonebag420, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Hey I have cystic fibrosis and find that cannabis expands my lungs and helps me cough up some mucus in my lungs. Also after going to the doctors after I smoke the psudamonis not only stops growing it also is going away at about 3% a month! Are there any other cystic fibrosis patients out there. I would love to relate to some of you
  2. I'm also a lifetime CF sufferer but it's only been diagnosed recently at 44 years old. :-( I've had a lifetime of undiagnosed illness, respiratory problems, weight loss and most recently crippling insomnia. I always knew than smoking cannabis made me feel better but never understood the pathology. Doctors always said "You should never smoke!" but never said why. Until 2 years ago I was doing pretty good with a few downward spirals that were scary but after a couple months would stop and life would resume. But this time the spiral has been pretty severe and having lost over 100lbs unintentionally and not sleeping more than 2 hours a night has started killing me. After several specialists found nothing I had to insist that this strange brownish grey sputum I'm coughing up was at the center of the issue. I was right. My lungs are completely overrun with the bacteria Pseudomonis Aeruginosa (the bacteria that is responsible for CF defective gene carriers illness in the final years.) and its become systemic and has begun to invade my body and g.i. tract. BUT. When I stop smoking I get sicker FAST! Within 3 days my stomach is racked with pain and I lose 5 lbs a day! Going from 260lbs to 160 in a year without even trying is rough and this time its been relentless. I'm lucky in that my partner is a surgeon and that gives me access to more information and case study literature than many have. I've found that THC is actually a serious anti-bacterial that kills Pseudomonis on contact and reduces the bacterias numbers significantly. So vaporizing and eating are 100% safe. But you also need to supplement with Pancreatic digestive enzymes because the pancreas becomes so full of thick mucous it cant release the necessary enzymes for food digestion. Dehydration is another factor to consider as well. Stay hydrated. Enjoy the herb but whatever you do DONT SMOKE IT. Anybody who would like to talk, trade stories and attempts at healing and share experiences I encourage you to write to me. I'd like to hear from and talk to everybody. Maybe we can help each other in this battle. Love to you all.


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