Cypress Hill

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  1. One of the best stoner bands out there right now, got any fans
  2. I'm insane in the membrane, bitch. =P They aren't bad. One of the only rap groups I like.
  3. yes they are quite good, the only cd i have of theres is Stoned Raiders and its pretty good. I dont think ive ever seen a cypress hill thread :)
  4. Hey,

    yea they're okay. I've heard 2 of their songs. That "wanna be a rock superstar..." and the "Insane in the Membrane" one. Those were purdy good if ya ask me. Peace.

  5. Temple of boom, and black sunday are instant classics. Long live cypress hill!;)

  6. all the way through, all too true.
  7. Hello my name is dr greenthumb

    the the ill shit

  8. true dat, love tha Hill...b real is tha shit

  9. " Pick it, pack it, fire it up, Come along.... and take a hit from the bong. Put the pipe down just for a second , dont get the wrong its not a new method, Inhallle exhalllle, just got an ounce in the mail. I like a blunt or a big fat cone but my double barrel bong is gettin my stoned... " :smoke:
  10. Cypriss Hill is good music :D :hello:
  11. 'how I Could Just Kill A Man>>>:) Im High
  12. lol, Rage against the machine?

  13. yeah, Rage did it too...but they covered Cypress Hill's original..

    stoned is tha way of tha walk

  14. ...take a hit from tha fav :smoke:
  15. they do a song on kmk's new cd and its pretty good.
  16. I love cypress hill it's so gangsta crazy. I always been down with them and I own all their cd's.

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