Cypress Hill

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  1. Is there possibly anything better than listening to "Roll it up, Light it up" or "I want to get high" by Cypress Hill when you are high or in the process of getting high?:smoke:
  2. Only one thing that I could think of, and that would be cranking the shit out of 'hits from da bong', and let everyone know you're blazing. And then just sit and chill in that dank smoke and not give a shit you're making the whole dorm reek:D. I love the boomy loudness :smoking:

    Pick it, pack it, fire it up, come aloooong

    and take hits from the boooong:hello:
  3. Hahaha, hell yeah.
    You clearly know what's up.:smoke:
  4. no not really honestly
  5. cypress hill is good, but NO ONE beats Slightly stoopid!!!
  6. The best was seeing them in Chicago and smoking a blunt to the entire set.
  7. slightly stoopid and cypress hill are two different kinds of music. I could never say I like one more than the other but my heart will always be with cypress hill because they were a revolutionary group back in their prime during the early 90s and those were some good times. they were a big part of the marijuana subculture along with many other westcoast rap groups before kmk came into the picture. times have changed so now I find myself listening to slightly stoopid when I am getting high with friends, kickin' it at the beach, throwin' the frisbee around, sunshine and good times. I find myself listening to cypress hill when my soul feels trapped, eyes bleeding, and choking in a smoked out hazey room

  8. i completely agree, i was just saying that both are good to blaze too, but i love slightly stoopid so much haha but yeah cypress is great too

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