Cylclobenzaprine as a rec. drug?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by CasualChronic, Dec 6, 2008.

  1. How is it? Like a vicodin or what?
  3. Flexaril is different. It's a weak muscle relaxor. I had 10mg's perscribed to me. I ate a handful the first time and I was sorta tired, got good sleep but didnt really get me super high.

    I did how-ever kinda feel drug sick after I was done with the bottle. Wanted more for some damn reason. Its worth it if its for free, but just find some valium if you are set for muscle relaxors.
  4. Thanks again for the help. Props on the Badfish, Sublime, and Slightly Stoopid refs. They are free actually but if they dont do much i dont even want to take them.
  5. shit sucks dont bother
  6. stay away from it if its little orange pills, they are muscle relaxers and will make you feel slightly sedated, not to mention the od side effects of hallucinating and constant twitching, they are not fun, and never snort them or you will have a scorched nose for hours
  7. it is a skelatal muscle relaxer. you wont get shit from it recreationally-wise unless you enjoy sleeping for an entire day (true story, just dont take 4 of the 50mg's)

    i have however read many times that it is an opiate potentiator or some shit, making opiates feel stronger.... idk. tried it but could never really tell.
  8. It's a good sleep aid.
  9. It's weak as hell as far as recreation goes, but it's the best damn sleeping-aid ever.

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