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  1. I've been hearing a lot about cyco they've even been comparing it to AN. Any ideas on this product
  2. I've been using Cyco nutrients and the stuff is amazing. Ph perfect no adjustment needed. If you got any specific questions let me know.

    If you want check out the thread linked below. I posted some info on my experience but be happy to help with any ?'s you got.
  3. So many questions I don't think you know what you did haha. Nah I'm playing man jus a few. I haven't seen it at my local shop and this is one of the main reason I've been using A.N. how does it compare? And I've heard the reason you can't find it every where is cuz it adds carcinogen to you flower, have you heard this?
  4. Yeah that's always a question that comes up when Cyco is mentioned. The ingredient you mentioned that is a carcinogen is "PGR's" and is only in the Australian formulas.
    Here's a link

    The US version contains no PGR's. As far as how they compare to AN products, I'm not sure since I've never used any. From what I know or have been able to find online the formulas have a "history" and are somewhat connected. I have come across comparison grows cyco vs. AN and I think people have said Cyco has blown away AN.

    A google search should be able to find those if ur interested
  5. Well since they don't have it in my area and a lot of the shops that I asked never hear of the stuff I might have to order online. Would the packaging say weather or not it contains prg's?

    Dude I've been trying to look that up for so long on google and not much side by sides or anything but I jus gave it another shot and it must have been my wording cuz I got almost all I need to know to make the switch
  6. Yeah I would imagine that most online shops only sell the US version - non PGR. Just look for the Platinum Pro Kit by Cyco. Have a bottle of each nute they sell with the exception of Suga Rush which is a new product that came out last year. Keep in mind that the PGR products are going to be heavily labeled to make it clear. That link I posted above is the PGR version and you'll notice the warning on the label.
  7. Certain Cyco products were indeed pulled from us shelves for containing pgrs and not listing them. Not one company that uses them lists them on the bottle. I would stay away from them.since they even mess with the shit in the same plant. An is gimicky and pricey but at least they know to steer well clear of pgrs. Nearly every company that uses them aside from humboldt is from australia. I personally dont buy anything from australia due to the risk of pgrs. Dont trust any company that sells pgrs at all, they are a proven carcinogen.

    Like i say, they do not label then! In 2010 and then again last year products co taining pgrs were pulled from shelves across the country. Cyco, phosphload, bushmaster and gravity, flower dragon, top shooter, etc were all found to have them! They might not now, but like i say its still a gamble, where as AN has never used them so you know you are clear there.
  8. ^^^ You bring up some good thoughts regarding PGRs.

    KMASTER...Like everything else, if you have concerns do the research and decide for yourself. There is a great thread over at RIU that contains a lot of info from the Aussie growers. Many of them use Cyco and many use the PGR version. I have found that the owner of Cyco is extremely helpful in answering questions. Can't say that about other companies but with them I had a response on my questions within a day or so. If ur interested here is a link to the thread I mentioned:
  9. Thank you guys. Both of you do make good point. I've been using AN but I jus wanna see what else is out there. Ima look in to I a Lil more and I'll let you guys know what I find and decide one. Thanks once again
  10. FDA wont let PGR containting nutes into the country. thats why its taking so long to get ryzofuel here in the states. last piece of the kit we havent gotten yet.
    Love Cyco btw!
  11. I have never used them myself, but I remember reading that Cyco was the only nutrient line that was amino acid based, as opposed to mineral based.  The same testimonial remarked that they were the best nutrients available for your plants "bar-none".  As I said, I have no personal experience, but I have to admit, I've been intrigued ever since.  Anyone have any experiences that might shed light on this for me?  Thanks
  12. I ran cyco with great results. Then I built my own organic living soil. No contest! Organic soil will win out everytime. I promise.

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    Except with yield. ;)
  14. taste and potency trump yeild everytime in my book.

    Twas Ever Thus!
  15. Actually when running cyco my highest yield ou of a 5 gallon smartie was 6oz. Just hit 9.5 on my last chop in a 5 gallon. Things defiantly are becoming more well rounded later in the game. Organic soil is like a cast iron skillet. The older it is, the better it gets! Given you take care of it! ;)

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  16. Seen this stuff at a couple hydro stores in cali. Almost bought some for my hydro gardens. Think ill pass for now since none of you whove used it can agree.

    Got enough carcinogenic shit in my system as it is.

    Last thing I need is a carinogenic weed plant. Tobaccos already doin me in.
  17. I'm using now week 2 of platinum grow A and B in soil plants seen happy switched from canna

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  19. Been PH down to 6ish not sure if it's right or not but with my water that I prefilled in gallon jugs let chlorine evaporate it's 7.8 or so after adding the 2 I'm still experimenting using coco soil so far so good

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  20. Use 5 ml per gallon of each chime in if you have experience

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