Cyclone Pre-Rolls?

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Anthony777, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. Anyone ever tried one of these? They come in a tube. It's two tiny blunt cones, I just picked some up today, and won't be able to try them for awhile.
  2. I've seen them before, but honestly, pre-rolls are a waste of money. You can easily make 30 by getting a pack of papers, wrapping them around a pen or something, then licking and pulling them off. Throw in a filter/roach, break up your bud, then pack it in. Or just learn to roll a j the old-fashioned way... it's really not hard.
  3. Cyclones aren't bad if you get the right one

    I agree with the dude above me, just get papers and roll, much more efficient. They aren't bad though sometimes its nice to not have to roll
  4. My friend likes the woodtip ones. Although he rarely smokes em. I've never tried one tho.
  5. So much hatred from the city always on the cyclone. They are the shit and produce fine blunts always.
  6. i agree about cones in general as well, and thus, cyclones too.
    HOWEVER, the sugar tips are PERFECT. trust that. they soak the wooden reusable filter in sugar water and it tastes dank.
  7. These are so bomb, used one the other day and it lasted for like 20 minutes between 3 high tolerance guys. [​IMG]
  8. No. I would recommend a Juicy wrap before I used these again, and thats saying something
  9. I've tried the clear and blunt cones they're weren't bad the clear ones burned for a while but like others said just get a pack of rolling papers much cheaper and way more fun to roll:smoke:
  10. If you absolutly cant roll (like me) use a rolling machine works GREAT!!!
  11. ive got them once, idk if they were old but they were super dry so i never bought them again

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