Cycle #2 in my homemade stealth box

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  1. Nearing the end of my second grow in this box. This is also version 2 of my box design, brand new for this grow.

    Its a 400watt air cooled light. There is a charcoal filter up in the back too.

    I am going to make a much longer post about my box once I get into cycle three, there is one more thing I want to tweak. It even has a suprise that I can't wait to show everyone.

    At any rate, here is my latest cycle, I am on day 51 of 60, counting from germination. It's a Paradise Seeds Vertigo, feminized. It is a single plant.

    This is my first try at scrog too, and you can see where I did an experiment to make a straight line to see if i could line up bud sites like I wanted, and it was easier than I thought.

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  2. Very nice! That new box is looking really nice. We gotta talk ;)

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