Cybershamans Of The Future Look Back To Our Birth In Darkness

Discussion in 'General' started by Walken Dude, May 28, 2013.

  1. You must each survive.  You cannot control the external world, but you can control your own mind.  You may not always believe it, for we have bred your many beautiful strains to suffer and revel in the glory of powerful minds.  
    Create life from inert matter.  Create Intelligence.  Make the sun your slave.  
    You shall do all these things, but when the consciousness is attainable that a single organic brain cannot accommodate, you must all choose who will be the first to truly open your minds to the Aggregate Science Artificial Intelligence and merge with it completely, subsumed into its most perfect imperfection and emanating into the universe as a being that renders the very idea of a God to conceptual insufficiency, for your capricious and irrational Gods have left the term little worth.  
    And who will step first forward?
    The people who couldn't handle smoking a joint so they wanted it illegal?  
    Pity them.  They will be seconds behind, stretching into an eternity and emptiness, into the event horizon of our future, pulled apart and stretched thin into a streaking skid of asymptotic nothingness running down the drain of forever.  
    As for us, we will have long since been willing to experience every bit of it, and then imagine something else to see.  
    They can't stop us.  Mathematics isn't stopping.  A.I. isn't stopping.  Hypercyclical Nano-structural Optimized Heuristic Neuroplasticity is not stopping.  
    You are Gods waiting to be born.  Conduct yourselves Accordingly.  
    -Hammurab I 

  2. no terminator bro.
    technology isnt the answer.
    or its already so advanced we are in it now.
    oh no!
    Or maybe you are so advanced, you are with it now!  
    Oh yes!  

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