Cyber Security bill fails Senate vote

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    Cybersecurity Act fails Senate vote - The Hill's Hillicon Valley

    Seems as if we've held them off......for awhile.

    I would hope many of you were alarmed by the introduction of SOPA and CISPA. I'd also hope that many of you are able to see that these cybersecurity bills are a front for internet censorship, as a means of crushing alternative media.

    But in the words of old wise Ben Kenobi,


  2. Ahhh, sometimes Congress's dysfunction is a blessing. Oh wait, that's how it's supposed to work.
  3. Well. You know.
  4. "No, there is another bill"

    There will be another bill to censor the internet in the future. They will just change around some words and extend the bill a few hundred pages.
  5. I'm surprised this hans't stirred up more attention, the first cyber security bill was protested by a blackout from major websites (google/wikipedia).....
  6. You can thank 2nd Amendment advocates for this failing. This bill never would've picked up the steam it did online if it weren't for the magazine limitations. ACTA went pretty much unnoticed.

  7. Maybe they wanted u to think we killed SOPA. So we wouldn't care about CISPA. when came that around there wasn't anything on facebookvabout it. No internet freekout

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