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Cyber sativa strain any info?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Gamereaper, Nov 30, 2011.

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    i got this plant a few from a Washington collective and it is call "cyber". i cant find anything about it. ive grown it twice now and it it most certainly pure or very close to pure sativa. it has a 15-16 week flower time, smells like lemony, grassy, hint of spice when its fresh. when its dried its more lemony pine and a stinge like terpintine to your nose. its got really fat fluffy buds a pretty heavy yeild also its super leafy and a beast. im basically wondering if anyone has any info on this plant. its far feched but its worth a try i really like this plant. taste like earthyness occasional smarties sweetness but that's the cure i believe.the high is a bit trippy in the head and it last about a hour or so but you can take another hit and be right back up.
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    ok i know how to get your attention.

    and it was under a 600w hps

    the stuff that matters the most the harvest shot. ill take more of the cured later

  3. looks good but ive never heard of it that dont mean its not a real strain maybe the grower did some breeding and came up with it on his own who knows broseph
  4. ya your probley right, too bad this strains high is unreal, it rides the line of too intense and comfortable when you rip it outta 2 foot. upp as fuck pretty much better high than green crack, last the same. you can get right bck up with another toke a few later, its amazing
  5. Next time you go in there you should ask about it, maybe come back and learn us on it, sounds pretty good.
  6. i did when i got it he said cyber cristal, but thats 100 percent indica so i dont think its that. this thing has huge potential for huge single bud i super cropped my main stems 3 times
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    did ok on the first worse on the second and even worse on the third but here you go anyways i tryed

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