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  1. Back in the day Pops always told me to Cover My Ass so I heard a rumor that if you pull the batteries out of your scale they cannot charge you with Distribution. I'm not completely sure if this is true so if anybody can clarify I'd appreciate it. 

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     you get caught with 50 keys and have it all in separate bags, have some on your lips... have some in your friends pockets, some in your wife's pocket, some in your cousin's pocket.... some in your pocket... then they see that your scale doesn't have batteries in it < --- OH SHIT, he can't get a distribution charge because there aren't batteries in his scale!@!@!@!@!
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    ^that's right!^   And they also find thousand of dollars cash lying around.
    Here are the "cover your ass" rules
    1.No more than a QP and make sure you have legal documentation for it. You are a MMJ patient.
    2. NEVER have it in seperate baggles. Have it in mason jars in your closet. they are "curing" up there.
    3. Not having batteries in your scale is a good idea. Keep the scale in your kitchen utensil drawer for measuring food while cooking.
    4. Keep large amounts of money in your bank.
    5. No illegal automatic weapons. Keep a rifle for hunting in your gun safe in your bedroom closet. Make sure you have proper documentation for that.
    6. If you get any texts on your phone about deals DELETE them.
    7. If your nieghbors see people coming and going all hours of the day or night, be paranoid about that. I suggest you deliver.
  4. this is new to me .. somebody explain!

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