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  1. when i ask this im not asking if i can snort pills im asking if i can snort cold water extracted codeine only cause i have a high tolerance :( or would it be better to mix it with wine or rum and drink it? i suspect for every 100 mgs of codeine theres about 20 mgs acetaminophen and about 15 of caffine that gets extracted too :/ anyways i want a very nice strong buzz again like i did in the old days and dont want to waste a bunch of this stuff testing or hurt myself :p thanks again fellas
  2. Well, I'm pretty sure if the extraction is done right, there wouldn't be APAP, and I wouldn't know about caffeine, but you would lose some codeine in the process (not much).

    And after... if its in powder form, there should be no reason why you can't insufflate it, of course if there is, though, please some correct me. I'm just taking a guess.
  3. doesn't the codeine stay in the water? why not just make a really strong brew and drink enough to get you going? im sure in liquid form it kicks in pretty quickly, espescially if it's just in water. probably best to add gatorade mix or something to slow metabolization so you can absorb it all.
  4. yeah drinking codeine fucks you up....

  5. That is a very nice sig you got there. :p

    And yes... codeine ftw =D

    I miss my prometh & Codeine sizzurp :(
  6. thanks for the sig comment haha, just made it :D. codeine/codone is definantly my 2nd fav drug.

    i crush up lorcets/lortabs(dont remeber which one) into lemonade and chug that shit before school. yeahh youll be fuckin chilled :).
  7. i remember $40 deuces being standard. where i live now (254), people want $35-45 PER OUNCE! i've never gotten to sip lean all night or anything.. only lean cigarettes, and the occasional drink from a friend's cup. now that it's $70 for one night of fun i guess i'll do it after christmas when i have money again :)
  8. yep. that shit is so lame man. lean is the best dude you are so fuckin chillin. fucks your world up
  9. haha i just made CWE and so did buzzwell on here

    im crazy ripped talkin to cottons on aim :)
  10. thanks for the help so far guys but what i really need to know is it safe to snort? or snuff it or put it in hard liquer. ?

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