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CVS possible pre employment drug test... SOS

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by alpacahigh, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. ***new member didn't know how these threads worked, posted the same message below on general chill out thread I'm so sorry***

    hey guys
    living in Washington where weed is legal but fuckin drug tests everywhere
    I'm applying for a job as a cvs pharm tech and I actually didn't apply yet because the online application process said that I would need to get drug tested so I wanted to brainstorm before applying.
    1. I have no idea when I stopped smoking.. maybe about a month ago?
    2. average metabolism
    3. 5'4 and 175 lbs
    4. drinking shit ton of water that I feel like a hippo
    5. when I did smoke, I smoked about a blunt or two a day. decently sized, about the size of two grinded up nuggets? not exactly sure how the amount works because my weed man would give me extras (ex. $80 gets me 12.6) but I'm thinking about two or three nugs (sizes of nickels?)
    6. I've been smoking every day since Dec '15 (heavy smoker) and stopped a few times (weeks) and start up again (heavy) and stop (once for like two or three months) and start (two or three weeks?) and stop ((two or three weeks?) and smoked from mid March '16 to late March '16.
    ^that was probably really confusing sorry I don't really remember when I stop or start ; next time I start I'm thinking of keeping a journal of this lmao
    7. I've been dieting and controlling what I eat and getting in cardio and sauna (sweat) but not often cuz it wasn't a priority but it fuckin is now fuck :(

    can anyone give me an estimate of how long this will stay in me?
    I took a calculation of marijuana central and I literally have no idea.

    I used to smoke a blunt and a half in the beginning and the last time I smoked I got pretty high on half a blunt.

  2. You should be clean after a month. Go get some test strips at the dollar store or ebay that have a 50ng might be 20 for your job though. To insure a 100% success test yourself or substitute with Quick Fix or another synthetic urine.
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  3. I don't think I would do that successfully :( I thought about synthetic and taking piss from a friend and I really think I'll get caught or I'll fuck up.. so gonna try to fix myself internally
  4. Yeah I edited my post because you have a month clean under your belt so it's possible naturally. Good luck.
  5. thank you that gives me a solid start :) I'll find a 20 and test periodically to see where I am and if i don't pass those ill resort to other means
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  6. I'm having the same kind of problem! I got the job for a hotel and they have standards anyways I took two at home tests and they both came out negative so do you think I should be ok? the last time I smoked was 10 days ago and it was only a couplw of hits and I exercise and always drink water and I had the test today so I'm freaking out! do you think I'll be ok?
  7. Well if the home tests said you passed at the 50ng level and the lab test was 50ng/ml you should be fine. Those tests are very accurate and reliable.
  8. thanks sir, but what if I drank a lot of water and my stuff wasn't as yellow? that shouldn't mean anything should it?
  9. Ok was the sample sent to a lab or was it an instant cup test? How much water did you drink? If it went to a lab it could come back diluted if you drank too much water, which then they might order a retest. That is because your creatinine levels and specific gravity could be off. How much were you smoking prior to those 2 hits 10 days ago, heavy or occasional use?
  10. it was done at a physicians center but sent to a lab I believe, and three months ago I was heavily smoking but after that I cut down extremely to like once or twice a month
  11. I think you will pass if you only smoke twice a month. Single use of marijuana only stays in your system for 1-3 days. You probably didn't need to drink all that water, that could actually work against you for a lab test. Plus THC is not water soluble, no amount of water will ever clean you out of THC only time and exercise can. Good luck. If it comes back diluted and they retest you don't down too much water but don't give them your first pee of the day either.
  12. Yes and I barely ate before I took the test but right before I went I had an apple. but it did seem alot less yellow than it should be. but thank you so much.
  13. No problem, let us know if you got the job
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  14. best of luck to you erikag! and regarding home tests, I keep reading online that they aren't accurate and are a waste of money... while some say they are actually pretty decent at determining your thc levels.. what's the truth??
    also I read somewhere on this forum that most of the times employers don't spend too much money on the drug tests and just do the ones like what we would buy ourselves but I'm so unsure because there are too many contradicting posts :(
  15. I've heard if your pee is diluted/off specific gravity/off temp, they'll send it to a lab. Other than that, it's usually a preliminary screening. So if you're not too suspicious, you're usually good.

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