Cuz I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker,

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  1. I get my lovin on the run. ((:)
    Oh the wonderful songs to jam out to while HIGH AF. :smoke:

    Steve miller band- the joker---If you don't know the song... just get outta here!

    I Officially can't get that song outa my head. Soo I Thought I'd share it with all you lovely stoners. :)

  2. You could have posted the YouTube link.

    Like a Boss.

    [ame=]Steve Miller Band - The Joker - YouTube[/ame]

    Damn good song though.
  3. Some people call me the space cowboy :)
  4. Some call me the gangster of love;)
  5. I always confuse that with some song by nickleback or Daughtry or one of those shit bands.
  6. [ame=]Steve Miller Band - The Joker - YouTube[/ame]

    fuck ninja'd while looking for the gif of hyde singing this in a cloud of smoke...

    didnt even find the gif...
  7. pompatus .. fake ass words
    I agree though, classic stoner tunes
  8. if you want a tip... Smoke even more and listen to this :D

    [ame=]Mystical Complex - Kill Them All - YouTube[/ame]

    (don't be mistaken by the title, it's an awesome song!!!)
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    I just listen to a either one of the two local radio stations, 87.7 an "UNDeRGRouND" alternative station (actually comes in better on 87.8 lol), and 97.9 The Loop which plays classic rock.

    I can always chill out to classic rock. Tom Petty is probably my favorite artist in the genre. Listen to some of his songs they are great, easy to play to if you're learning guitar :D

    Alternative station is straight because there aren't many commercials and its just a lot of songs I've grown up listening to, with a lot of new songs that are out. The only thing bad is they replay a lot of songs lol.

    This song is on now

  10. Ha, I would've but I didn't know how.! :confused: I'm pretty new here... I just joined a couple weeks ago, so I don't really understand how to do a lot of things around here. Sorry ha :)
    Still a great song thoo !:smoke:
  11. ^^^ just copy the web address of the youtube video and paste it in the message box.
  12. Good song :smoke:
  13. [ame=]Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills - YouTube[/ame]
  14. [ame=]"White Rabbit"-Jefferson Airplane Lyrics - YouTube[/ame]

    :smoke: , can't believe its a guy still.
  15. I only dig the first song.

    Not feelin any other song in this thread tho, imo don't take offense.
  16. aww come on not even the chili peppers? What about my other suggestion of tom petty?

  17. Fun fact about blaze for ya,

    I used to be in a Tom Petty cover band back in grade 6, and 7

    Played all the hits... Free Fallin, Won`t back down, last dance with Mary Jane, American Girl...

    Thats just not my type of music anymore.
  18. Sublime, RHCP, Pink Floyd > Steve Miller Band


  19. Ha how did this thread become a semi war of better "stoner" jams.... I never once said this song was the best lol bc it definitely isn't... but I like emm all (;
  20. Aha I was thinking about this song today

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