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  1. I've finally been able to get a hold of some Cuvée cuttings from the local dispensary. It is a somewhat new strain created by TGA Genetics that has gained some popularity recently. I was told the cut / pheno that I got has a great aroma & taste...something like a chocolate covered cherry :yummy: . I 'll be updating this journal as often as I can along the way, from vegging all the way to the harvest. Below are a couple photos to get things started...
    First photo is of one of the Cuvée cuts I got, and the second is a borrowed pic...its a shot that the dispensary took of the Cuvée in flowering...


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  2. Ur in for a flavorfull treat. We run mostly tga. And allthough they are not the most potent, the flowers are fill of flavor and excellent smoke. Subbed

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  3. Let me guess another spacequeen cross

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  4. Not trying to hijack the thread but,,,,,,, My buddy gave me some beans that he brought back from NOLA. He says they are from a guy close to TGA and works with him. It's a cross of Chernobyl, Qrazytrain, and Vortex. He isn't sure what ratios, but he has been growing them for some time now with great success. Now looking at other strains from TGA it seems to me that this may be Time wreck. It sounds like Chernobyl+Qrazytrain = Bloodwreck. And then add Vortex to equal Timewreck.  Again not trying to jack the thread but if you guys know anymore about what this could be let me know please.  Happy Growing!
  5. Looks like Pinot Noir + Spacequeen
  6. This sounds very delicious. I have now been back to the TGA site reading about this. It looks good too.
  7. That timewreck is the vortex and bloodwreck (their special trainwreck cutting)

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  8. That spacequeen is something else. Been smoking on the spacedawg, spacequeen, and qush this week.... The qush reminds me of a toned down spacequeen.

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    Yep, that's the correct cross.
    Here's a link to the full strain description on TGA's website:

  10. I've been vegging the Cuvee's out for a bit so that I can take a bunch of cuttings off of them to include in my next run.
    Below is another borrowed pic that the dispensary posted of their most recent Cuvee batch....looks amazing :) Can't wait to get the girls into the flowering room... :)

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    Long over due update:
    She is doing well, the plant stayed short, didn't stretch up too much. The resin started earlier than some others I've worked with, already had noticeable resin at like 10 to 12 days in and is becoming more and more prevalent as we get further into flower.
    Below is a photo of my Cuvee about 3.5 weeks into flower...

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  12. Sweet thought this was donzo

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    Things got delayed for a bit and then I have just been too busy with other work to update, but I'll be getting the photos posted up as often as I can :)
  14. looks good!
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    A few more pics about 12 days further into flower...see below

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  16. Harvest pic from a week or so ago...

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  17. Awesome how does she smoke? Worth keeping? Sure looks like it but like alot of subs gear the yield looks like it could be low

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  18. What are you growing those in? Soil, hydro?. They look great. I run a lot of tga gear and have found that they really do best in organic soil.

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