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  1. I have a Kannabia Special plant that is about 5ft tall and recently the branches started breaking over on the ground. I noticed a little hole bored into each of the stalks about an inch from where it broke over. Is there anything I can do or is it too late? The branches still look healthy and are starting to flower!
  2. Bacillus thuringiensis. Theres a product called thuricide that has bt in it, it rots them from the inside out. also go in after them. They are some of the worst things to have good luck man
  3. Are u sure its a cut worm? can ya post a pic of one?
  4. Sorry dude I cant post pics at this time. The holes in the stems are about the size of a pencil and angled up into the stem.
  5. Hmmmm The bt will handle both cuts and all caterpillars. heres the thing... i know bud worms will dig in the stem and also bore in to the buds and leave a trail of their shit that will mold the bud. i dont know if cut worm do that to or just bore into the stem. i would get some serenade and spray your plants to protect it from fungus,mold and disease those suckers come out at night so inspect your plant every morning and dig'em out and pic them off. check your soil as well for them their larva eat roots

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