Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by skunkmonkey, Dec 9, 2003.

  1. hi all i started with 3 seeds and have taken cuttings off them can i take cutting of the first cuttings and how many times can i do so i have heard you can only do it 4 times need help ta
  2. aghh...the old question, does cloning from the same plant, and it's offspring reduce the overall yield..........i'd say you do it until you start to notice quite a considerable reduction overall in yield.

    but some would say, do it only about 4 times.....

    some would say don't to it all, and just stick to doing it once, that's what mother plants are kept.

    Peace out......Sid
  3. yes, i'd just eep mother plants.... the cuttings are more even in growth that way......

    BTW, gongrats on 4200 sid:D
  4. tnx john, here's to 14, out........Sid
  5. so you keep one plant in 18/6 that makes it a mother so can you take cuttings from her all the time. will it get to big in 18/6 i only have a small room
  6. with the proper training techniqes you can keep it pretty small, and get lots of cuttings....
  7. thanks john were would i find out about it .

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