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  1. whats the reasonable size to take a cutting and how can u ensure its survival, also is it true if u grew a plant form seed and took a cutting that makes it a 2nd generation and if u grow that and take a cutting that will be come 3rd gen so on and so forth,and is it true its be comes stronger weed after every gen got any info ppl

  2. No it does not work that way.....:laughing:
    A Clone is only as good as its mom....cuttings 20 years down the line will be the same as the first one taken.
    Want stronger weed?........... buy better seeds/clones :bongin:

  3. i don't understand the question. reasonable size of what, the cutting or the donor? there are a few good thread on taking clones, check them out. my cuts are relatively small, usually 3 or 4 inches. you don't want a huge cut.
  4. The Best way u can learn how to clone is probably to watch someone, go here then go 2 grow depts. there is a good cloning 101 streaming video peace
  5. thanks people just to make sure ill take um 4 inches soon as my mother plants bigger and i just got told that it gets stronger over the generations ahh well ill keep the strain alive :smoke: grow biggie grow

  6. a clone is not a new generation, its a clone, an exact copy of the mother. the genetics can't change just because you cloned the plant.
  7. yea i understand now thanks people ill keep the female generation alive :smoking:
  8. It could easily seem as though new generations became stronger as the growers ability improved.
  9. ya can definately clone from a clone. coarse ya want it good & healthy before ya cut. my other half & i have gone perpetual w/no mothers & w/out seeing any ill effects for yrs, yet agree it will not enhance the genetics.

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