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  1. my babies are on day 12 of flowering

    is it to late to take a cutting?

    i would be putting it on a 19/5 light schedule

    thanks in advance!~
  2. take cutting as normal mate trim flowers off. put into 24/0 may take a bit longer than usual to root but it will! a humidity dome will help spray 2/3 times a day.
  3. You can definitely take cuttings from flowering plants.
    There are many threads about it, I took a few cuttings from a female on it's 21st day of flowering, it was fine, branched out nicely, and now is a healthy mother plant.
    It might be a good idea to keep it on 24/0 for the first period to help it revert quicker (maybe?)
  4. 2 weeks max so you should be ok,
    like the scot said they'll take a while longer.
    take the cutting from a stem with the smallest buds
  5. My first and only time taking cuttings were from flowering plants (maybe 11 days flowering, 23 days of 12/12), a sativa dominant and another 50/50 hybrid, both bagseed. All cuttings were dipped in Rootech and put in a DIY Bubble Cloner with plain (dechlorinated) tap water. The sativa dom cuttings took about 6 days to root and the hybrid took about 14.
  6. I have cloned all the way up to harvest, they just need time to reveg

    Not too late.

    I have heard it is better to take them before 3 weeks of flower, but like I said, never had a problem. :wave: :smoking:
  7. its a bad idea fom my exprance ,i took 10 cuttings from a plant that was 2 weeks into 12/12 and they took over 2 weeks to root and this is how they look now 2 weeks into 18/6 under a 400w hps,if they were taken from a plant that was from veg i belive they would be 5 x bigger and busher than there fuk up,s

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  8. Depends on the plant/strain. Some take right off even in deep flowering and some just don't even want to take root. If you want to keep a plant going then I would try it. I have a Blue Mystic line of clones going and I took the first clone between weeks 5 and 6. And yes it does seem to take longer on the veg side until they can be flowered again. Also, I go with 24hr light during clone/veg cycle. One bonus I got from a re-veged plant was a Black Jack that made a ton of heads once it took off. I never even had to top it.
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    takin a clone in flower stage just takes longer but the clones are more bushier n have more shoots its called monster cropping. take a look at my plant it was cloned from flowering stage bout 4 weeks into flowering.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Jack herer 1 plant 250w hps week 5 budding (2)[/ame]
  10. So it sounds like taking cutting from a 12/12 produces lots of branches. Which will make a great plant for a mom and a great plant for many buds.. just takes longer.
  11. Plants always freak when you start reveging,growing single leaves,slow grow if any,I just dont think it was meant to be done VERY stressful.
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    They get it worked out eventually, and like dude said, then they turn into CRAZY bushy plants with tons of colas.

    I wanted to see how late I could take some so I took two clones during harvest, basically clipped off the buds and stuck em in the homemade aerocloner. about 3 weeks ago. One is rooted and acting goofy and the other I dont know about it's pretty much just a black stick, but it has bumps on it, we'll see..
  13. It can be done, someone said keep it 24/0 I would do that. Hope it all goes well man gl. :hello:
  14. I take Clone at Any Cycle in the Plants life. It just like other said just take longer to get to re- veg. It also It DOES stress them out so if you got a finicky Strain they WILL Hermi. But My Grape-ape , Purple-Haze, Bubba-Kush Do fine when i Clone 3-6 weeks into flowering. Now My Sativa Dominate Strains like Kaos, Strawberry Cough, Ak-47 For some reason they don't like to be re-veged they Hermi most the time.(Which equals Death To that Bitch!~) They take 1-2week extra Usually to get them back on track, but like 2Pics Said it cause's a natural Fimming or Topping Effect leading to much bushier Clone's.
  15. Yeah it'll work out eventually but If you plan on takeing cuttings off it and so on just think its arough cycle.I know this old cat been taking cuttings of the same hashplant for years and I swear its lost potentcy from not bein that accomplished of a grower when he started and stressin the shit outta cuttings and whatnot.
  16. Thank u everyone!!!! I cant give out any more rep and u all helped me !!!!!
  17. i agree it can be done ...put it in a dome, floro 24/7 for about 10-12 days . it should revert and root. i mist 2 times a day and try to limit how much i give them forces them to push root a little faster.
  18. Soulclinic, Man what a great thread you found there. I gotta Mr. Nice guy just doing great and I missed the clone in VEG and was bumming but now I see it can be done!! Time to celebrate:smoking: Thanks man


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