Cuttings For Clones Are Drooping/Wilted

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  1. Greetings All!

    I am a first seed have sprouted, but the cuttings by friend gave me to make clones are drooping and or wilting.

    I have them under 2 CFL 23W 5000K lights inside a humidity dome.

    Temp ranges between 70-80 degrees F

    Humidity usually hold at 85% and does not drop below 80%

    I am using the same seedling starter soil for the cuttings as I did for the seeds.

    Is the drooping caused by overwater?

    Do I need to put them in darkness? (I've read 4 hours...24hrs?)

    Is there too much foliage for the little cutting to support?

    The cuttings were taken from a plant that just started flowering phase (only 1 week), dipped in rooting gel, and placed in the soil.

    Any help would be awesome!

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  2. Clones droop when they aren't provided the conditions necessary to keep them alive before rooting. It could be almost any part of the process you're using. I'll send you my cloning how-to and you can compare it to the system you use.

  3. Thanks Jellyman!

    I read your info....I was spraying/misting the clones as I have read to do so.

    I will not spray it and watch them for a few days to see if they perk up.

    Thanks again
  4. Humidity domes are only for plants in the very first stages of growth and right after cloning. But once they plants establish a root system they don't need nearly that much humidity, which is what is causing the leaves to wilt. The reason the humidity has to be high early on is that the plant is not yet able to support itself with enough water through its not yet developed root system. Instead it absorbs its water through its leaves. Once the plant has rooted, the plant no longer needs to absorb through its leaves and needs a lower humidity, otherwise it will wilt and look like its soil is dry.

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