Cuttings directly to coco?

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  1. So I have no money but I have some coco bricks.
    Have you had any success rooting cuttings directly in coco? Should the coco be precharged or just watered with plain water? Any tips or tricks?
    I'm ok with all sorts of gardening but for some reason I suck with cuttings, no matter what plant I'm trying to clone. My friend uses cinnamon to aid rooting, I've tried that when rooting in water, but still not much success. :-(
  2. Yup; stick it in coco. Keep it moist. You can water with plain water until you start to see the roots or obviously the leaves yellowing
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  3. I did it with a auto last run for shit a few giggles. I managed to get roots!

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  4. Yeah can just chop and stick em in coco mate.
    Most of us use some sort of root booster like clonex.
    Another thing you can do is "air layering"
    Hit google for that and prepare to have your mind blown.
    Can root up the cuttings while theyre still on the plant. Then when you cut them off theyre already succesfully cloned and can go straight to final media with nutes.
    Means you can take massive clones too :)
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  5. I googled, interesting, might try that on a couple of branches. It is a similar method I've used to clone blackcurrants, but I've only tried "the natural way", bending lower branches to ground, securing them with wire and waiting and waiting....
  6. Yeah its cool isnt it. Someone on here does masive clones with pot noodle tubs. Was them that showed me it.
  7. 80% success rate so far.
    Took five cuttings about 10 days ago and four of them seem to have made it. Just pulled out the sorry looking o ne and put a new one in.

    The mother plant still has lots of perfect shoots for cuttings.
    These babies, which are in cut-out soda bottle Hempy style pots, will not be transplanted. I will remove all the lover branches and just leave the main. As soon as they have grown about 15 cm I will flip them. That should give me approx 50g in this small space. (My main problem here is space.)
    IMG_20200614_083935.jpg IMG_20200614_083948.jpg IMG_20200614_083956.jpg IMG_20200614_084004.jpg I tested this method last summer in soil. I hear about it in this forum, but cannot remember where. The guy ended up growing dozens of plants this style. (that's what he wrote in his journal here)

    Two pics of the clones and two of the mother plant (which I also need to flip quite soon, cannot grow very tall.
  8. Was it the 108plant hempy sog guy you're talking about?
  9. Sounds remotely familiar, for some reason I remember figures 9 and 42 and 90. His latest post must be at least a year ago, maybe it was in the diary section? I will try to search for it.

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