Cutting the Cabbage

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stickerbushman, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. my ladies got huge, big, fat, juicy colas, that are ripening, i can smell her odor and she stays on my when i touch her as I am among them. I've been smoking for many years, but never had the pleasure of cutting cabbage like I am now. I have to take a few heads down for smoke and mold, and when I cut the fresh buds from those stalks it reminded me of cabbage; big and jicy as I cut, I will be very very curious as to how long that will take to dry and what is at the heart, it seems like a cabbage heart, is that super dense "cheese" bud, is that what i have to look forward smoking this year?

    so on the big fat colas. i cut off the fan, then i just twirled it around cutting off the leaf that was outside of the bud, so i am left with my big candy cone, right? the leaf around the bud is just fine for smoking. Then, because even though I am a mature man, I have to hide all this from my wifey, so i need to do a quick dry and so I am cutting all the flower cluster, calyx?, off the stalk right away for drying, which i am doing outside, in boxes etc. any suggestions?

    so any other cabbage lovers out there?
  2. Not so much cabbage but tight alien brussel sprouts is what I was thinking. Funny, I am a grown man too and had to take the stealth route. However, my wifey found my girl Monday night. She was pissed. It didn't help matters that I told her she had driven by it at least twice a day, every day (it was on the side of the driveway) and not seen it since mid May. She told me it had to be gone in the morning so I spent all Monday night doing the snip. It was a bit early (I wanted to wait another week, cut the tops, and let the rest go) but what I got will do just fine and I'm quite proud of it actually. Cabbage causes gas.
  3. i was "in" with my girls today at lunch and immediately went for a swim, but even so when i came home the wifey gave a sniff and i could smell the ladies on me while i was in the shower. I am holding out, i have a good spot, and i want some "ripe" mj, which i think it will be about next wednesday, in the Oldtime grow guide by mel... he says wait until they are ripe and they two weeks, and there will be another surge. (do a search on flower calyx marijuana and you'll find the guide). I want that surge and that deep indica high, all i can "buy" is mids. this is going to be a treat and it already is.

    my wife knows nothing, except i like to go for runs and bike rides.
  4. Got any pics of the cheesy cabbage?

    -- too bad about the wifey. You should get rid of the naggy wifey and get with the sticky, hairy one. haha, j/k.

    Good luck man

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