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  1. hi all can anyone tell me when i cut off my fan leaves should i cut them individually or a complete fan in one cut
    i have cut them individually and they dont seem to be growing back at all but there is more growth from near the stem should the fan leaves i cut off of grown back 2 days since i cut them off

    cheers all
  2. ONLY cut off fan leaves that are blocking nodes that have potential to get bigger, if you can't tuck them way to get more light.

    Cutiing off fan leaves slows growth, so if you can try to tuck them away.

    NOTE: results are AWSOME when you get the hang of what to take off and what to tuck. Alot of new growers take too much off though.

  3. thanks for your reply. what happens when you take to much off just slow growth or will she die cheers
  4. That's the huge debate going on in the forums.

    Taking only whats needed should be fine if you follow it right.

    Taking too much leaves off can cause VERY slow growth or death.

    What kind of lighting to you have? that has a big impact on success with pruning/LST

    hope this helps

  5. thanks again thc.

    the plant seems to be growing rapidly near the stem but the leaves i cut off havent grown at all.

    when i say cut all the leaf i mean do i cut a complete fan or 5 or 7 individual cuts per fan leaf.

    as for the lighting i have 70 w hps and 200 watt cfl two pc fans 1 at bottom drawing in and 1 at the top blowing out temp between 79 - 84 depending on weather

    cheers for the help
  6. Hello again from the wet coast!

    You can cut fingers off of leaves or cut the whole leaf, but remember, ONLY places that are blocking out light, if you can't tuck it away.

    Your lighting should be fine, Any pics?

    Goodluck man

  7. thanks again. i will get some pics up on the weekend cheers

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